BJP MP Varun Gandhi demands action against Pilibhit SP and DM for Janta Curfew violation

UP’s BJP MP Varun Gandhi from Pilibhit has lashed out at Pilibhit SP and DM for violation of Janta Curfew that was called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 22 March. The whole country observed the 14-hour lockdown and stayed indoors to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic, however, two senior-most district officials were seen leading a crowd to beat utensils in Pilibhit which is Varun Gandhi’s parliamentary constituency.

Varun took to Twitter to express his anger. He wrote, “While many people, including myself, are in self-quarantine & India battles COVID-19 on a war footing, the conduct of the SP & DM of Pilibhit is callous & irresponsible. Times like these need mature conduct as the PM advised. I urge action against those who violated the #JantaCurfew.”

Earlier, PM Modi had urged the people of India to express their gratitude to those working tirelessly during the outbreak of the virus by clapping or banging utensils at 5 PM for five minutes as a part of the lockdown on 22 march. However, he asked people to do this from their balconies, windows or gates only.

DM for Janta Curfew violation

After the video of the public march by the Pilibhit DM and SP along with a huge crowd that emerged on social media, people started roasting them online. In the video, the two officials were seen showing complete disregard for social distancing. A various twitter user asked and slashed them for totally disregarding safe – distance norms and leading the procession at 5 pm during the Janta curfew.

Adding to the worse, the Pilibhit Police also tweeted the photos of their senior-most officer leading a public march which further was condemned by the people and asked for action against them.

Meanwhile, India has recorded more than 350 cases of coronavirus infection while seven people have lost their lives after contracting the virus till Sunday.

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