BJP Storm In Assam Assembly Election Results 2016 Tomorrow Prediction Survey

Election of Assam state was conducted in two phases. The first stage was on fourth April and the second phase was on 11 April. All the candidates flight in 126 Assembly Constituencies. Many surveys cleared that BJP is going to win in this election.


The Congress Party was in power in Puducherry for three consecutive terms.But this time, Congress is going to face defeat in the state. Many of the surveys and reports predicted that BJP is coming to power this year. But it is not clear that whether will be able to cross the majority mark or not.

On the other hand, C-voter India Tv indicates about the close fight between BJP and Congress in the state. C- voter India TV conducted an opinion poll in which BJP and Congress give each other a tough fight.

But these are just the survey and opinion polls everyone should wait to see the accurate result of this assembly elections. But its is true that most of the surveys have shown a clear majority of Bhartiya Janta Party in the state.


Political Parties Seats
Indian National Congress 41
Bharatiya Janata Party-led alliance 57
All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) 18
Others 10

The results will declare tomorrow. Bjp is going to poise on 79-93 seats out of 126- member legislative. On the other hand, Tarun Gogoi is going to secure 26-33 seats in this election results.

If talking about the previous election then Congress had bagged seventy-eight assembly segments.

The C-voters survey predicts a tough battle between Indian National Congress and Bhartiya Janta Party-led alliance. Well, these are the surveys and predictions actual results will be shown tomorrow after the declaration.