Blueface Vs Kane Trujillo (Neumane) Winner Name Where To Watch Date Time Tiktoker V Youtuber Fight Result

It’s not even over a month that YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event was held in June, and it has already started gaining huge popularity that other celebrities are also trying the same. Even though, this boxing event was in talk since past few years, but it actually came into reality this year when ‘Battle of the Platforms’ event was finally hosted this year by Social Gloves.

Who is Kane Trujillo aka Neumane? All you need to know about the TikTok star Blueface is fighting

Since then, many social media personalities are giving a try to other boxing event which is becoming popular this year. As YouTubers vs TikTokers was a hit, the fans wants to see more of the celebrities to participate in other thrilling boxing event. Recently, Blueface, who is a well-known American rapper, has made the announcement to make his Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) debut.

Blueface To Make His Boxing Debut

Blueface has confirmed his debut match where he is going to join a fight on July 23. The rapper has recently talked to TMZ where he admitted that he has never been into any boxing fight and this is going to be his fight time.

With no professional boxing experience, Blueface is not letting this thing to affect his training and is preparing his best in order to get ready for the upcoming fight. For this upcoming fight, the rapper has revealed that he is properly following his recommended diet and is not drinking and smoking.

In a fun way he expressed his views about emerging popularity of celebrity boxing and stated that he don’t know whether anybody have seen him and YK Osiris boxing in their backyard for fun, and added that in his opinion that is how this celebrity boxing surfaced.

Blueface Will Face-Off Kane Trujillo (Neumane)

TikTok star Kane Trujillo, who is also popularly known by the name Neumane, is all set to have a boxing bout against Blueface. The confirmation of this boxing fight was made by Dave Feldman on Friday. Dave Feldman runs the BareKnuckle Fighting Championship and on June 25, he made the announcement that Blueface is going to be fighting against well-known TikToker Kane Trujillo (Neumane).

The two also had an intense exchange at the introductory press conference of the event where the rapper was seen trying to scare Neumane, but the TikToker on the other hand seemed unaffected and responded making fun of Blueface. At the end of that video, you will see Blueface taking away Neumane’s sunglasses while walking away from the event site.

Now, the fans and followers of both the individual celebrities are excited about this fight and are looking forward to it. Many are forwarding messages and tweets in order to support their favourite popular personality.

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