Bondi Road Accident Video, Police Car Fatal Crash At Junction Explored!

Bondi Road Accident There is a piece of the sad news of an accident is coming from the Bondi Junction in New South Wales. One of the most developed cities of Australia has witnessed a car crash the last Tuesday. The crash involved a car that collided against a wall. The concerned collision resulted in the loss of not only a property but also a precious life. This case has sought the attention of locals as there was a luxury car involved in the collision.

Bondi Road Accident

As per the latest information given by the investigating teams of the NSW police in this case, the investigation is taking place and the police; however, it seems that the case will be shut sooner as there is no suspect and the only suspect is the only victim in the same case. There was a lady in the car who was alone and driving the car who was fatally injured in this car crash.

Bondi Road Accident

A police officer of the concerned case has revealed that there was an old lady in the car who was driving and collied the car against a wall. The concerned crash took place between the Birrell Station and the Newland Station along the Bondi Junction. The woman in the car was identically 76-year-old.

Earlier, the car hit a tree when the driver lost her control. Thereafter, it caused her to collide against the car to hit against a wall of a residential apartment. It was around 6 PM the last Tuesday when the mishap took place. The tree as well as the watt of the apartment had some damage. As far as the damage of the property of the apartment is discussed, although the wall of the house has been damaged to some extent yet it is not so severe damage on the wall that people may not live inside. The inner infrastructure of the house is fine.

The concerned apartment in this accident is located at the corner of Hollywood Avenue along Ebley street. The police have recovered the footage of a camera nearby the accident so as to take the police investigation to a culmination. Witness of the accident has shared that the car crash created a sound like a bomb. May God give the soul of the lady a place in heaven to rest in peace.

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