Boys Are Gifted Guns, Girls are Given Kitchen Sets, Dolls Kerala Minister R Bindu on ‘Gender Bias’

In this article, we are going to talk about the controversy of Kerala Minister R Bindu, Dr. Methil Devika, and Mridula Ramesh who spoke on ‘gender’ and this news is gathering a lot of popularity. It is shared that these ministers spoke on gender including the other frontiers to conquer on the India Today Conclave South 2023. They speak on gender and explained the gender difference by saying that boys are gifted guns when they are young, while girls are gifted kitchen sets and dolls. Let us discuss in detail the complete matter and also talk more related to this in this article.

Boys are gifted guns

Dr. R Bindu is the Kerala Minister for Higher Education and Social Justice, Mridula Ramesh is the author or founder of the Sundaram Climate Institute, and Dr. Methil Devika, Dance Exponent or Academic currently getting attention after speaking on ‘gender – the other frontiers to conquer. They shared about their daily challenges and also talk how they face them and balance out their work and personal life. There are also many people seen in this video who attends this event. This event happened on Friday morning 2 June 2023. Scroll down to know more about this viral video.

Boys Are Gifted Guns, Girls are Given Kitchen Sets

There is a short video clip also shared of about 4 minutes and 14 seconds and this video was uploaded on Twitter. This video shows the minister and a reporter and the conversation on gender topics. In this video, Kerala Minister Dr. R Bindu said that there should be a sincere approach to transforming Indian society into something that is more women-friendly and trans-gender friendly. In addition, Mridul Ramesh said that “A hundred percent of the family falls on the woman, is what I have observed. She continues “The responsibility of any family is entirely on the woman and that needs to change,”

They explain the gender differences in society and this effect. They also shared that when they were young they noticed the gender discrimination. They shared that the male child is gifted guns, while the female child is gifted a kitchen set, or a doll, whom she takes care of like her baby. In this video, they all speak on gender discrimination and explain the gender difference in our society. This video is easy to watch on Twitter and currently, this video is running on various social media pages. Stay linked to dekhnews.com to read more articles on the latest news topics.

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