Breaking News: Twitter India Public Policy Head Director Mahima Kaul Resigns

A piece of big and breaking news comes straight from the Twitter headquarter where the Twitter India’s public policy head Mahima Kaul has resigned from his designation and the reason of her resigning from the post, she mentioning personal reasons. The news of her resignation was confirmed by the senior executive of the social media handles firm through his social media handles where he confirmed that Mahima Kan has resigned from her post and along with he mentioned that she takes a break from her post for giving herself some time and to her family. She decided to take resignation in such a critical time where the IT ministry was admonished to all the staff to not delete any tweets regarding the slaughter of farmers.

Twitter Head Director Mahima Kaul Resigns

Twitter Head Director Mahima Kaul Resigns

After her resignation letter, Twitter has started the procedure for filling her space and for the company post and for which twitter started advertising for her pots and wanted application from several candidates who wants to recruit on this post. Along with this, the company stated that Twitter India’s public policy head Mahima Kaul will continue her job till the end of march and also till the searching of the vacant post will complete.

According to the statement of the Twitter’s global policy head Monique Mehe where she said in a statement that “the list of jobs has been made public on the Twitter website. “Earlier this year, Mahima Kaul decided to step down from her role as Twitter Public Policy Director for India and South Asia, so that she could take a good break. It is a loss for all of us on Twitter, but after more than five years in the role, we honour her desire to focus on the most important people and relationships in her personal life. Mahima will continue in her role till the end of March. ”

As we all know that, the social media platforms are stood in the witness box by defending many of question-related to many topics from more than a year where the company have to answer on several questions including the haste speech which is constantly tweeting on the Twitter. Also, the government warned Twitter to not delete andy tweet fake and inflammatory tweets on the farmers’ movement and along with this, the government strictly tells the company to recover the 250 plus accounts which they blocked after tweet incorrectly. Stay tuned with us.

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