Carnival City Casino Fire After Suspected Electrical Fault Watch Video

Carnival City Casino Fire As per the latest news from South Africa, the Carnival City Casino hotel was set on fire in an accident. The news had sought the attention of people from all over South Africa. The Carnival City Casino hotel is located in the Brakpan town in South Africa. On the account of the reputation of the hotel, the news of the outbreak of the fire in the concerned hotel premises had stirred the people of the country. It Casino hotel was considered to be one of the best hotels in the Brakpan. The news of the outraging fire in the hotel has questioned the image of the hotel as well as the safety of customers in the same. The fire mishap took place on early Saturday, 5th February 2022. The mishap resulted in engulfing the furniture of the hotel.

Carnival City Casino Fire

Carnival City Casino Fire

Consequently, the management of the Casino hotel had to take the decision of remaining the hotel closed for a few days. This news has become a topic of conversation among the travellers as this has been a favourite place for the travellers. The hotel had to be closed with the view to renovating the hotel premises. A spokesperson from the hotel has explained the scenario of the hotel at the time of the fire outbreak. He expressed that someone from the staff of the hotel called the police.

No sooner did the police get the news of the fire outbreak than the police officers approached the Casino hotel along with the paramedics, ambulance and the fire-extinguish team to tackle the situation. As of now, there has not been given any information that there was whether any injury or any casualty in the mishap. Police officers helped other rescue officers to cope with the situation. The concerned police officers have been investigating the case so that they may come to know the reason for this fire attack in the Carnival City Casino hotel in the Brakpan town, South Africa.

If we talk about the present situation of the hotel, Carnival City Casino hotel has been reopened for the food lovers so that they may enjoy their service and food. It is being hoped that people will like the news atmosphere of the discussed hotel than that of the old one. We will update all the readers as per the further updates of this mishap as soon as we get it.

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