Carteret County Accident: Select Evening Vehicle Crash Closes Highway 70 Lanes

The latest reports stated that one lane of Highway 70 lanes in Carteret County has opened recently and this news is making headlines on the internet sites. Many people who use the Highway 70 route are hitting search engines to learn more details. Several questions have also been raised on the internet and in people’s minds related to this incident. Our sources have fetched all the available details. Here, we have shared all the gathered information and tried to cover some other topics in this article, so read till the end.

Carteret County Accident

First of all, let’s clarify the details related to this crash incident are limited and it is not openly shared yet. It is reported that recently, a vehicle crash took place on Highway 70 in Carteret County around 8:40 PM and this incident led to the closure of multiple lanes of traffic for a time. Yes, it resulted in the closure of Highway 70 lanes for some time, but it created many problems like heavy traffic, long routes, etc. So, one lane is now open and the news has been officially confirmed by a traffic alert post on Morehead City’s Facebook page. Swipe up this article and read more…

Carteret County Accident

This post stated that both westbound lanes of traffic were closed at the intersection of Highway 70 and Crystal Coast Plaza by the Arby’s. However, one lane is now open at this time and he also highlights that the drivers should seek alternative routes. Talking about this crash, its information has not been shared openly. According to sources, a vehicle accident occurred on Highway 70 in Carteret County at around 08:40 pm. Due to this accident, both lanes of Highway 70 were closed but now it is reported that one lane is open. Further, drivers should seek alternative routes. Keep continuing your reading by scrolling down this page…

There are no reports that anyone lost their life in this crash and no major casualties but presently nothing can be said before the complete investigation. One eyewitness stated, “I was taking out the trash and I saw this jeep get hit and slide across the road.” It is reported that the investigation is underway and we will update you soon. Our sources are on the way to get additional information on this crash case and we will keep you updated as we get more. Stay connected with dekhnews.com to read more articles on the latest news topics.

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