Celebrate International Day of the Girl Child Theme Quotes 11th October 2019

Celebrate International Day of the Girl Child Theme Quotes 11th October 2019 : – International Day of the Girl Child is an international awareness day held by the United Nations, While it is further pronounced the Day of the Girl. 11th October is recognized to be as one of the most reputable and influential days in the whole world, As this date is mentioned as International day of the Girl child and this day further has an international observance day which is named by United Nations.


The research carries more opportunity for girls and raises awareness of gender imbalance overlooked by girls worldwide based on their gender. This difference involves areas such as the power to education and introduction to education, also nourishment, and legal rights, plus medical care, and security from hatred, violence opposite women and unfree child marriage.


National Day of the Girl Child or Save Girl Child Poem :


My baby girl,
She doesn’t speak to me
But I know what she says
I know what her gibberish means
I know why her tantrums are
My baby girl
Beautiful as anything I’ve ever seen
Maybe more
Innocent pure unique
My baby girl is special


कभी बेटी, कभी बहन, कभी पत्नी, तो कभी माँ है नारी
पुरुष जिसके बिना असहाय है, ऐसी है नारी
कभी ममता की फुलवारी, तो कभी राखी की क्यारी है नारी
सृष्टि जिसके बिना थम जाए, ऐसी है नारी
पुरुषों की पूरी भीड़ पर अकेली भारी है नारी
जो सृष्टि को जलाकर राख कर दे, ऐसी चिंगारी है नारी
बेटी हो तो…….. पिता की राजदुलारी है नारी
माँ हो तो………. सन्तान पर हमेशा भारी है नारी
बहन हो तो……. भाई की लाडली है नारी
पत्नी हो तो…….. पति की जान है नारी
पुरुष हमेशा अधूरा तो…….. हमेशा पूरी है नारी
सृष्टि जिस पर घूम रही, वह धुरी है नारी
जब गर्भ में नहीं मरोगे, तभी तो तुम्हारी है नारी
जब नारी है………… तभी तो है ये सृष्टि सारी

National Day Of The Girl Child Quote :


A Female Has The Right To Her Body, Even If She’S Still In The Womb.

A Son Is A Son Till He Gets Her Wife, But A Daughter Is A Daughter For Her Whole Life.

Daughters Are ANGLES Sent From Above To Fill Our HEART With Unending LOVE.

Girls are beautiful nature’s gift, don’t kill them.

You are lucky to have a girl child, never hurt her.


Save girl child and empower them to freely live their life.

A girl child is a future woman, don’t kill her.

A girl child is like a bud, let her bloom and be the flower of future.

No Girl! No Woman! Thus no life.

If you kill a girl, you kill a woman of future. Who will give birth to you?