Cheyenne And Commerce Accident: 9 People Dead Several Injured In 6-Vehicle Crash Says Reports!

Cheyenne And Commerce Accident: 9 People Dead Several Injured In 6-Vehicle Crash Says Reports! A very serious and harsh accident happen in North Las Vegas where a tragedic accident happened by which around seven passengers of a van were met with an accident on the afternoon of Saturday in North Las Vegas by a high-speed car were killed in the collision. The Accident On Cheyenne And Commerce was too serious and harsh by which the persons who were inside the vehicle died at the spot passed away and died at the spot before taking them to the nearest hospital for treatment. The nearby people who witnessed the accident gets shocked and can’t believe that this type of an accident they would witness in their life and then they rushed to the spot to check out all the happening which happened at the spot. After that, they informed the police and then the police along with the emergency services arrived at the spot and started finding the cause of the accident that happened at the spot. Be with our page and blog to collect and gather all the information and details about the harsh accident.

Cheyenne And Commerce Accident: 9 People Dead Several Injured In 6-Vehicle Crash Says Reports!

The whole accident happened at around 3 PM at Cheyenne Avenue and Commerce Street where a Dodge Challenger moving north on Commerce executed a red light and crashed with several cars by which a total of the six-vehicle crash happened and in this serious accident around nine people were killed with both passengers of the Dodge Challenger. In the van, four juveniles along with three adults were killed which is a huge number of killing in a road accident.

According to the statement of the North Las Vegas Police Chief stated that cause of the accident is speed was the reason of crash and the officials didn’t state how fast the car was moving and the National Transportation Safety Board investigated the case and gives their best to find all the manner of the accident. In this accident, around 15 people were involved in the collision while one remains in a severe situation at University Medical Center.

The police identified the deceased who met with the accident, then in the van, there were North Las Vegas citizens named Fernando Yeshua Mejia, Adrian Zacarias, Lluvia Daylenn Zacarias, Bryan Axel Zacarias, Gabriel Mejia-Barrera, David Mejia-Barrera, and Jose Zacarias-Caldera and on the other hand, the driver of the Dodge was identified as Gary Dean Robinson hailed from North Las Vegas. The Accident On Cheyenne And Commerce is under the investigation, till then stay tuned with us.

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