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The New Year festival in china celebrated with tradition and a lot of myths about it some say it is the biggest festival of china and all and all. But the truth is it’s just not a new year for china it is more than that. Chinese people also called it Spring Festival it’s just a translation of Lunar with modern Chinese name.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 2021

China is advanced but the way they celebrate their new year or other festival is quite traditional. Chinese New Year is a family celebration for Chinese family they gather on evening for annual reunion dinner with family. And that shows the unity of Chinese family. No matter where they are they try to get together in evening to celebrate New Year with the joy and the happiness.

Starting date of lunar is – February 11 2021

The lunisolar Chinese calendar represents the date of Chinese New Year and that calendar also used in the country there are influenced by chine or have a relation with a china like Korea, Japan, Vietnam etc. according to Chinese calendar the new year began at the new moons at that falls on 21 January to  20 February.

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Chinese New Year Wishes Greetings Messages

Cheers to a brand new start and a brand new year.”

“Wish your good fortune on the Chinese New Year.”

“Hope the days ahead are filled with immense joy and prosperity. Happy Chinese New Year.”

“Bid Adieu to the celestial year of snake with elegance and embrace the year of horse.”

“I pray that the year of monkey brings with it the fortune and good health for you and your family members.”

“Hope you are met with desired success at every step you take in the Chinese New Year.”

“Have an enriching and pleasant Chinese New Year of The horse. Happy New Year.”

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“Try to leave behind memories of the unpleasant incidents of the past year and move on with free spirit and good attitude to embrace the Chinese New Year of horse with sheer optimism.”

“Here’s a Chinese New Year wish of seeing you happy, joyous, prosperous, successful, and merry throughout the year of the horse.”

A lot of tradition between china and Tibet is same the New Year starts at the same day but the name of festival is different and that kind of small-2 facts make the difference between both of these countries.

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History of the Lunar:

History of the lunar is same as Losar here people come out to celebrate the New Year and it’s all about the bad vs. good. The Chinese Zodiac is representing the same tradition like the losar and they had also the Monkey Zodiac this year that represent the culture of china and animal zodiac comes after every 12 year and that means it is coming after 2004.

Well like the people of Tibet people of china also had little different tradition and culture and that so lots of travelers going to enjoy this festival with the people of china.

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