CIA : ISIS may plan Istanbul like attack in United States

CIA : ISIS may plan Istanbul like attack in United States : Shocked! The ISIS are planning against the US as same the attack in the Istanbul, The CIA has confirmed that the ISIS which is the Islamic terrorist group is planning for the massive attack in the US as same like in the Istanbul country and he’s worry about it.

ISIS may plan Istanbul like attack in US CIA

Today in the Washington, Where the Islamic State terror group which are the known as the ISIS , Who may carry out a heart melting terror attack which is similar to the Istanbul’s Ataturk airport attack.
According to reports, where the CIA Director John Brennan has said that ISIS terrorist group are planned for the attack as like the attack in Istanbul airports.

The mean attack at the Istanbul’s international airport which was done by ISIS, that killed thousand of people and injured numerous absolutely displays the “hallmarks” of the Islamic States degeneracy.

Also, the CIA Director John Brennan have said to the Islamic State was lead and push an order of terrorist attacks in the region, that was immediately and the indirectly and now it was surprising that because of ISIS is not regarding taking out these certain attacks in the abroad as well as the faraway of the abroad.

Then the United States government, Where he knows the directing the combination that to be the attempt to murder as sufficient of this infection. the interior of the Syria and Iraq, as practicable. So it would be shocking to me that ISIS is not attempting to catch us

From the reports, the CIA Brennan also said that during to responding to an issue at the Council on Foreign Relations, ahead of the American think-tank. That I believe what you notice in the circulation of their matter and they have a circular.

So if anyone here understands that, you identify, the US country is hermetically authorized and that Daesh or ISIS would not contemplate that, I think it would secure against that.
From the resources, the CIA official said, The die-hard and terrorists are obtaining the defense in ungoverned areas. Power stores are being disturbed. Political change is sickening as to several authorities for strict criteria at the interest of constitutional laws and value for individual rights.

Where multiple as reports there 42 peoples were killed and also the hundreds injured yesterday after the self-destruction attackers outfitted with the ordinances and weapons attacked Istanbul Ataturk Airport, obviously pointing Turkeys critical tourism activity.

The authority criticized the attack on te Islamic State fanatics but there was no direct evidence from the ISIS group.