Congress MP : “Freedom 251” Smartphone The Biggest Scam of Millennium

Congress MP : “Freedom 251” Smartphone The Biggest Scam of Millennium : Congress MP Pramod Tiwari has said that giving smartphones at Rs 251 was the “biggest scam of the millennium” during the BJP region.


Tiwari demanded today in the Rajya Sabha that the government needs to clear the facts about the “fraudulent ‘Freedom 251’ phones”. He also demanded that the money which had been received by the company should be kept secure.

Ringing Bells had launched “Freedom 251” smartphone and it is said that it was developed with immense support from the government.

“The product has been launched by BJP leaders. This is a scam in which leaders of BJP are involved. They talk about ‘Make in India’ but what they are doing is ‘Make in Fraud’,” Tiwari said during Zero Hour and expressed doubts over the claim of the company to provide mobile phones to consumers at just Rs 251.

Ashok Chadha, the president of the company, had said that the  company will hand over 25 lakh “Freedom 251” to those people who had registered it online.

Congress MP Pramod Tiwari in Rajya Sabha make allegations of scam and strongly criticized the presence of BJP leaders at the launch of ‘Freedom 251’, a smart phone which can be brought at Rs 251 only because of the claim that company has received immense financial support from the government.

Tiwari also added that six crore bookings have already been made and even at the rate of Rs 251 each, the company must have collected hundreds of crores of rupees.

He also demands that money collected by the Ringing Bells, a start-up company in Noida should be kept secure. Tiwari also mentioned that even the Director of the company has said that the minimum cost of the phone is Rs 1400 and surprised how can the gadget be then sold at just Rs 251.

Tiwari said if it is possible to get a phone at Rs 251, then why others are charging Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000 for a mobile set.

“Eithewr this is wrong or that is wrong. The government has its share either in this or that Government should answer,” Tiwari said.