Congress Party Opposes The GST Bills in Present form in Lok Sabha

Congress Party Opposes The GST Bills in present form in Lok Sabha :- New Delhi: On Tuesday, Congress party said that the GST Bills in their present form is not acceptable, but the congress party wanted to show that they are not against the tax reform measure. Today, congress vice president Rahul Gandhi chaired a key strategy meeting of Congress MPs in the Lok Sabha. In the meeting, it was decided to raise the concerns of the public on the GST Bills and seek necessary amendments in the bill.

Congress Party Opposes The GST Bills in Lok Sabha

As per the sources that Congress vice president – Rahul Gandhi told the Loksabha MPs of congress party that the party should not be seen as against the GST bill but should play the role of a constructive opposition. Rahul told the members to raise the issue of the farmers and press for a farm loan waiver in Parliament.

Senior party leaders in the Lok Sabha suggested that the Congress party should not be seen as the one opposing the tax reform legislation because it was during the UPA government that the GST Bill was initiated to simplify tax structure. A key strategic meeting which lasted around 30 minutes was also attended by senior leader of Congress in the Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge.

Rahul Gandhi, after the meeting, did not answer any queries pertaining to the meeting or about the structural changes that are required to be carried out in the party post the party’s poor show in Uttar Pradesh assembly polls.After the defeat in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Poll 2017, this was the first meeting of Rahul with the party MPs.

On Monday, Union finance minister Arun Jaitley tabled the GST bill in Lok Sabha.  On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called a meeting of his council of ministers to brief them ahead of a seven-hour debate on GST on Wednesday in the Lok Sabha.

Earlier this month, Central GST bill, Integrated GST bill, Union Territories GST bill and the compensation law bill were approved by the cabinet. Once these get the approval of Parliament, a State GST bill will be presented in state assemblies.