Couple get married with just cup of tea to avoid cash crunch

Couple get married with just cup of tea to avoid cash crunch :- It’s been the season of marriages in Hindi, but the demonitisation in India has broken the dreams of numbers of people, who had planned their dream wedding. Meanwhile when the whole country is suffering from the crisis of cash and blaming the Prime Minister and his government, one wedding in the Noida has unprecedented cash crisis and proves that marriage does not require heavy amount of funding.

A family in the Nattoki madiya village in Greater Noida has organized the wedding of their daughter by just offering Rs. 11 to their son in law and welcomes the guests with the cup of tea. Mahavir Singh and his wife, Gyano were very tensed when Modi announced the pulling of old notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes as they were not understanding how they will able to arrange the marriage of their daughter.

But their son in law, Yogesh, resident of Safedapura in Aligarh and a driver by profession, offered them to settle the marriage with just Rs. 11 and with the cup of tea. However, the youth generation of the village has arranged the DJ for the wedding by their own funding, and the marriage was successful. The bride and groom get married by exchanging garlands.

Well, this has been the idea wedding not just because of reference to the current situation in India, but overall every marriage must be the done in the same way.