Cristiano Ronaldo hits out at Barcelona legend Xavi after Lionel Messi comments

Cristiano Ronaldo hits out at Barcelona legend Xavi after Lionel Messi comments :- The Real Madrid legend Christiano Ronaldo has busted on the Barcelona legend Xavi after the 36-year-old claimed that Lionel Messi is best as compared to Ronaldo.


This all started when Xavi gave a comment that ” no doubt Ronaldo was the greatest footballer but he must consider himself unlucky to be with the Messi at the same time. Although, this make no difference to the three-time Ballon d’Or winner”

The Spaniard further added ” Only a fool could have played football and not recognise Cristiano is an elite footballer. But he has just had the bad luck to be around at the same time as Leo.”

The 31-year-old Ronaldo did not like appreciated these comment of Xavi and soon, busted back to him by bizarrely granted that he is the most searched player on the internet.

Ronaldo ranted that ” The most searched for the player on the Internet is me. What does it matter to me what Xavi says, he played in Qatar or I don’t know?”

The Portuguese legend further added, ” Xavi won everything but he’s never won a Ballon d’Or – I have three.”

Well, it looks like Ronaldo is not in any mood to spare anyone who will rate him low against Messi. Although, this argument is looking never to be end who is the greatest between Ronaldo and Messi?

Meanwhile, Manchester United’s legendary Manager Sir Alex Ferguson recently rated Christiano Ronaldo higher than Messi and he told that ” Ronaldo is a complete package and a genuine match-winner.”

What do you think who is the best between Ronaldo and Messi? Share your thought in the comments.