Dalit Woman Kidnapped & Raped In Muktsar, Punjab

Dalit Woman Kidnapped & Raped In Muktsar, Punjab :- A Dalit woman was kidnapped and after that she was raped by that man. This incident happened in Mukhtsar in Punjab. this incident happened in the broad daylight. A CCTV footage come that a man ragged a woman in the video and some peoples can also seen in the background and surprisingly no one came their to help her from that man.muktsar-kidnapping_650x400_41461331111 (1)

Later that girl is being raped by man. This incident took place on 25 march. Later she lodged a FIR on this matter and she told everything to the police. But the local police could not arrest the criminal and unable to help that lady. Saturday this video and this outrage news lead on the social networking sites.

And after that police were forced to do investigation and then police caught 1 man. According to sources the new is coming that the police were refused to lodge a first information report because of the Dalit status of the girl. They took 5 days to lodge FIR after this outrage incident.

The national commission for scheduled casts has ion formed about this incident and after that they summoned the top cops of Mukhtsar police and want an explanation and answer about delaying to arrest that person.

The most shocking part of this incident is that in that video so many people on their bikes and even stood their but no one came their to made an effort or to ask that man that” why is he ragging her?

This incident shows that so many people have no humanity not even a 1% courage to made an effort or to stop that man their. Those people only like to see the whole incident and after that they would be seen doing gossips about it. But now everyone came to know about it and the Mukhtsar police will probe about this incident.