David Riddell Trucker Convoy Leader Arrested on DC’s National Mall

David Riddell Trucker Convoy Leader Arrested on DC’s National Mall:- Dave “St Nick” Riddell was booked in DC Wednesday. The DC Police asserted his arrest to Washingtonian and said it was because of a warrant from Maryland. Riddell is one of the noted truckers who drives the 1776 Restoration Movement, which Washingtonians might keep in mind as its old manifestation, the extreme ideal People’s Convoy. That gathering irritated DC drivers recently, cultivated nothing, drove out west, returned, achieved nothing once more, then, at that point, pronounced triumph and said the time had come to skedaddle.

David Riddell Trucker Convoy Leader Arrested on DC's National Mall

Well, if you are not in the swim about him, we would like to let you know that he is the leader of the 1776 Restoration movement trucker convoy, who once created havoc through his leadership. The man recently got arrested on Wednesday in D.C. under the charges of impeding traffic and disobeying a police order on the Fourth of July. The 57 years old man from Ohio named David Riddel who is prominently known as Santa, now has been taken into custody by the D.C. police after a Maryland arrest warrant was issued against him, and that too just two days after when a bunch of truckers group deliberately drove slowly just to snarled the traffic on Interstate 270 and the capital beltway in Montgomery county.

Why Was David Riddell Arrested?

According to sources, the arrests came on Wednesday morning when a number of former carriers encamped at the mall, parked their flag-decked vehicles, and sat on deck chairs to chase … well, that. Part n is never precise. .. The men set up a base in a sunny parking lot in Bunker Hill, West Virginia, and were one of the dozens of rallies nearby. Recently, they drove several times around Washington, DC, trying to slow or stop traffic, an act that appears to have caught Liddell.

Maryland police representatives confirmed that Riddle was charged with disruption of harmony/access, chaotic behavior, and default of the appeal. After being arrested at the National Mall, he is transferred to Maryland. However, this incident triggered an investigation and is now a hot topic for everyone. So if you are one of them and want to know all the news related to the case, pay attention to DekhNews. Also, read other news about what’s popular in the world.

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