Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal’s Famous Blue wagonR Car Stolen, Twitter reaction!

Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal’s Famous Blue wagonR Car Stolen, Twitter reaction!: -Well, Arvind Kejriwal is going through a very bad time where he didn’t know what exactly going wrong in his life. You all may know that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is in pain nowadays because his iconic Maruti Suzuki WagonR car has been stolen in the national capital. Yes! You are hearing it right his blue vehicle with details DL-9CG-9769 was stolen from outside Delhi Secretariat on Thursday. Now the police are trying to find his car because it is very serious.

You all may are in surprise that why we are talking about a stolen car but wait a minute this is not a normal car. Even this car was nicknamed ‘AAP Mobile’, Kejriwal’s blue WagonR shot to fame when the political leader used it to camp and sleep in during a protest against the Delhi Police at the Rail Bhawan in 2014. Also, again during Delhi assembly elections 2015, Arvind Kejriwal drove around in it for his campaigns. Now you may all know that how much this car is important for the Delhi CM.

Overall, after this stolen car news gets viral on social media everyone got a chance to troll Arvin Kejriwal. Yes! After this news gets viral on social media everyone is talking about it and making jokes and memes on him. You all know that Twitteratis are ‘stone-hearted’ they don’t miss any chance to make anybody’s troll and Kejriwal is one of the favorite people for trolls. we think you might be interested in reading some of the funniest (absolute savage) reactions to Arvind Kejriwal’s missing car.

“I want this car back. There are a lot of emotions, memories attached to it. Whoever returns the car, I will give him a suitable reward, which will be much more than what he will get from selling the car,” announced AAP’s Naveen Jaihind, a senior leader from Haryana. The blue hatchback was used by the party to demonstrate its commitment to fighting against the prevalent VIP culture.