Delhi: Dengue cases increased in a Week

Delhi: Well, you all should know that the Dengue cases are getting increased in numbers at the capital. Even though the cases are little less in the comparison to other years but it is getting increased and it is still causing problems. Also, the sources are indicating that maybe because of the rainy season this whole disease delayed. Still, 106 cases were reported in the past week (ending September 15) alone. Also, the experts are saying that it was the first entirely dry week in almost two months, and numbers can be increased in upcoming days.

Delhi: Dengue cases increased in a Week!

Reports are coming that this year around 243 dengue cases has been reported, which compiles infections data after taking inputs from three other corporations: New Delhi, East Delhi, and North Delhi municipal corporations. You all can expect that November can increase the number of Dengue cases in Delhi. Also, the last year we have noticed 1,177 dengue cases in Delhi by the third week of September. Also, you all should know that in 2016, the number was 804.

Also, the municipal health official, said, “So far, the number of cases of dengue and indeed all the three mosquito-borne illness that are usually reported from Delhi is less than previous years, but the numbers might go up.” Also, the sources are saying that the dry spell may be the reason behind the sudden spike in numbers over the past week.

You all should know that Dr. Sarala K Subbarao, former director of National Institute of Malaria Research and former consultant on vector-borne diseases with Indian Council of Medical Research explained the whole situation by saying, “When there is continuous rainfall, the mosquito larvae get washed away. It is usually during the dry spells after the rainfall when there is a lot of water accumulation that the breeding starts.”