Delhi: No Tree to be cut for redevelopment till July, says High Court

Delhi: No Tree to be cut for redevelopment till July, says High Court: The reports are coming that the Delhi high court said that “No Tree” will cut down till 4th of July. As you all may know that the government and other authority are looking for the development and they wanted to redevelop residential facilities for central government employees in south Delhi. Overall, you can say that this whole thing is going to be good for the people and other residents because population and dirty air is the main problem of Delhi people.

The Delhi High Court asked the NBCC (India) Ltd, the state-owned real estate company, “Can Delhi afford to cut of trees for the development of roads and buildings?” as they were seeking for the redeveloping the seven colonies. The high court will hear the matter next on July 4 and the National Green Tribunal will hear the case on July 2.

Some sources are saying that the permission to cut the trees led to a political war between the Aam Aadmi Party and the Union government as thousands of people in Sarojini Nagar on Sunday protested the Centre’s decision to cut the trees. Overall, this whole things isn’t cool for the Company but we are sure that Delhi people are going to enjoy it.

Sources are saying that the AAP’s spokesperson Saurabh Bharadwaj said the environment clearance for the project was given by the Union environment and forest ministry in November 2017. The state environment and forest minister Imran Hussain, he said, raised objections and asked the forest department to check whether the number of trees to be felled could be reduced and some could be translocated.