Delhi Police Constable Shoots Himself Outside Delhi HC With Service Rifle

One of the stunned and startling news has come out that a police constable has passed away on today’s morning i.e Wednesday, September 29th,2021 after attempting suicide by shooting himself with his service weapon. It was expected that he was 30 years old age. All his colleagues, friends, and family are completely startled and still are able to believe that he is no more in this universe. With that after his demise came the news, it spread like a fireball on social media, and whoever is learning this news is shocked and wants to know why he has done such an act with himself. Curious to know more about the details then stick with us ande read the entire article.

Delhi Police Constable Shoots Himself Outside Delhi HC With Service Rifle

As per the gathered information, the Delhi police spokesperson has passed a statement officially in which he said that the incident took place on today’s morning as one police constable whose name was Prima Facia from Alwar who was come for his duty assignment which was stationed at the Delhi High Court near gate no. 3 attempts suicide by shooting himself with his service rifle and in the end result he passed away.

As per the New Delhi District Deputy commissioner of police has passed a statement in this regard in the media in which he said that till this time no suicide notes have founded and with that we have sent his service weapon for the research department to know he has done himself or someone has some role in that, it will only be told after the reports but now we can’t reveal as much of the case as investigation is just started and if further, some information comes, in this case, we will let you know.

Meanwhile, the entire police department is in shock why he has done so what was the cause for attempting suicide. Many questions are arising such as was he faced any pressure in the job or any dispute with his family or colleagues and many more. Now it may be clarified after the completion of the investigation. Meanwhile, his family, friends, and his beloved ones are devastated especially his old parents are breakdown very badly as he lost their man so soon. As we can’t bring him back but we can mourn for him and provide grief to the family to gather up the power in this difficult phase of time.


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