Digital Management Software: Improving Companies


Digital Management Software: Improving Companies

The digitalization comes with many technological advancements. For companies, they often become a mandatory addition to their tool set to keep them competitive. Which kind of software is beneficial or even mandatory for businesses to stay afloat, and which advantages can they expect from using them?

Digital Management Software

Digital Management Software

There are many processes in a company that can be handled by and improved on by using software. Plenty of tasks are already executed by using technology. Programs like Excel, for example, have been a solution for HR-objectives for decades. It was, however, never specifically created to handle payrolls and schedule planning.

Dedicated Solutions for Specific Problems

In comparison, digital management software is programmed for a specific task. For example, a digital time clock management software has features that provide an efficient time tracking system only. While a software like Excel has individual functionalities that can be used for different HR-tasks, there are countless functions that have nothing to do with this assignment.

An employee that works with the spreadsheet program needs to learn which settings and features are relevant. Often, entire courses on how to use Excel are necessary until a person can make the best of it.

Dedicated software is streamlined for a specific task. The user interface and navigation of the software is easier and more intuitive. All of the features are there to make this specific assignment easier. A different program, that might include some options for the task, will most likely not have the same range of functions.

What Kind of Management Software Exists?

There are many different software options for specific tasks. The German software developer Papershift, for example, has an array of programs for multiple purposes in staff management. They include:

  • Schedule & Rota Planning
  • Absence Planners for Holidays and Sick Days
  • Time Tracking Software
  • Payroll Calculation

These single elements can be used by themselves or be combined. The payroll program can take the information from the schedule and rota planners to automate the process of calculating the accurate amounts of pay.

Additionally, this kind of software can be used to evaluate important data. When the program has access to information about the revenue and the shift staffing, it can use it for performance management and draw clear lines between the shift compositions and their efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Digital Management Software

Benefits of Management Software

Management software will positively affect the staff members, the company, and its customers and partners. The technology optimizes the business’s organizational structure with several benefits. The increased revenue and cut losses can be essential for the company’s ongoing success.

  • Meeting Demands: Tools like scheduling software make sure every shift is staffed with the right number of employees with suitable qualifications. Staff members will not struggle with under- or overstaffing, or being unqualified for the day’s assignments.
  • Cutting Losses: By reducing these kinds of errors, the company can cut losses. Additionally, by telling the software to keep an eye out on the employees’ hours, they can make sure they will avoid having to pay overtime.
  • Freeing-up Time: The software makes several tasks easier, which reduces the time spent on them. Even better: Many of these jobs can be automated. With the right data, the program can use its algorithms to calculate schedules and payslips by itself. Menial tasks are necessary for the organizational structure of the company, but by having employees spend time on them, they are wasting time during which they could be using their actual qualifications to make the company more efficient.
  • Law Compliance: The software makes sure the company is compliant to any relevant labor laws, like the maximum amount of hours and the length of breaks and time between shifts. This eliminates any kind of legal problems and fees.
  • Increasing Customer Satisfaction: Both customers and employees will be happier if mistakes are eliminated. Customers who receive a good service will come back and provide positive reviews and word-to-mouth.
  • Increasing Employee Satisfaction: Employees who aren’t overworked or bored, and who feel like the planning in their company runs smoothly and divides the work fairly, will be satisfied with their workplace. This kind of positive setting is essential for their motivation and loyalty to the company.


Staff management software is becoming an increasingly important tool for modern companies. By using it, they can cut the losses from wrong planning and mistakes, free up time for more critical tasks, and optimize processes to reel in more revenue. Hidden benefits can come from using staff management software to increase the happiness and motivation of your employees. A satisfied work force is more efficient and will create a better environment to work in altogether.


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