DU Undergraduate Admissions Process In Big Problem After DUTA Boycott

DU Undergraduate Admissions Process In Big Problem After DUTA Boycott :- The Delhi university teachers who’s protest again the coming new UGC (University Grants commission ) norms to know the display of that their performance and in behalf Delhi university teachers going to boycott the evolution process for the 18 days.

DU teachers to boycott undergraduate admissions process

According to the source, DUTA organization president Nandita Narain are said : there is no another option for protest against that new UGC norms that’s why we boycott these evolution process and if they not fulfill our demands otherwise registration of all the DU teachers.

DU Undergraduate Admissions Process

In the new Delhi where the DU teachers again the new UGC norms and on the other side the Also DU students getting protest again this boycott evaluation process in the Jantar-Mantar to clarifying that results in front of the Patriarch, DU University.

DUTA to boycott DU admission process

DUTA to boycott DU admission process

According to the source, Where the DU university protest again for the new UGC norms was started from the 24 May 2016, this Protest are going till now and the duration of this just of 18 day and The DU students getting so much disappointed for this particular boycott evaluation process and also Patriarch of the Delhi university wants to clear this protest which is organized by the Delhi university teachers and when 18 days are completing than what the second step of their teachers.

In the UGC norms where the new rule are generated in which there will job-cuts 50 percent in the ratio of the pupil-teachers in the DU high education and the Delhi university teachers are called this boycott evaluation process to “SATYAGRAHA”. All DU teachers are going to the janta-Mantar area for change this norms and pass the newly implemented gazette and we all have done with this boycott evaluation process.

But Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) repot’s to the DU teachers and said: this boycott is more harmful to the DU students, clear the immediate evaluation process and out the results. we definitely solve it but take a rest of this boycott evolution process.

IN the new gazette where increasing the work of assignment teacher from 16 hours plus one tutorial which is 18 hour also another six tutorials and same as associate teachers given 14 to 22 hours and DU teachers claimed that there is no result over really which consultations by us in Jantar-Mantar.

where DU dean is requested to the Delhi university teachers to closed this boycott evaluation process and given that students final result repot.