EI Gato (Rodrigo Fernandes) Free Fire ID Stats Kd Ratio Gameplay Monthly Youtube Earning

EI Gato is one of the famous and amazing players in the world of the gaming industry. But, he is also known for his real name Rodrigo Fernandes who belongs to the Brazilian Free Fire community. He is one of the most amazing and fantastic players who have many followers on his social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. To be a player, EI Gato is also a content creator and posts his videos on his official Youtube channel. Currently, he just boosted his subscriber by around 8.86 million on his Youtube channel, and out of the total subscriber, 50,000 subscribers just added in the last 28 days.

EI Gato (Rodrigo Fernandes)

Along with this, the creator is also running his own popular organization named Los Grandes. In this article, we will talk about the amazing player and also, his playing style, stats, Free Fire ID, Monthly-Yearly Income, Youtube Rank, Subscriber, and many more thing.

Free Fire ID of EI Gato

Many players are surfing online and earning lots of money by their gaming. Also, some fans want to play with their favorite player but they need to add with them and then, can easily play with your player. 184184685 is a Free Fire ID of EI Gato.

Lifetime Stats

The content creator has played 7763 squad matches and won 1729 matches in this mode, he has changed his winning rate to 22.27% and got 20531 frags to his name and also, has a K/D ratio of 3.40.

He has also won 477 matches out of 2905 duo matches and this changed his winning rate to 16.41% and killed 8219 enemies and also, keep his K/D ratio of 3.39.

Also, the Youtuber has faced 45080 solo games and won around 366 matches. With the winning rate of 8.11% and killed 12383 enemies opponent with the 2.99 K/D ratios.

Ranked Stats

The content creator has come into the four duo games in this current ranked season and achieved seven frags. Along with this, he has played only one solo match.

Youtube Earning

According to the details, the player has estimated monthly earnings of around $1.1K – $17.5K from his official Youtube channel. Also, the player has also yearly income of around $13K to $207.6K from his channel.

Youtube Channel Rank

The player is popular among players and since July 2018, he has been posting videos on his Youtube channel by playing the game Free Fire. Currently, he has around 545 million combined views on his Youtube channel. Now, his channel is on rank of 96th position when it comes in the counting in his country.

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