EID Chand Raat Live Updates: Eid in India Moon Sighting Soon, to be Observed On 21st July

The celebration of the massive festival ‘Eid 2020 Date in India’ has started since morning because this is the Chand Raat (when Muslims gather to spot the new moon) in this evening. Happy Ramadan Kareem Mubarak

In this evening, The sighting of the moon will determine the date for Eid or Eid-ul-Fitr celebration in India. Also, the sighting of the moon is going to mark the holy concluding of the holy month of Ramadan and beginning of Shawwal month.

Read here live updates on the moon sighting or Chand Raat for this Eid celebration.

The carnival Eid will be celebrated either on May 24 or May 25 actually depends on the sighting moon. Due to the Islamic calendar follows the lunar cycle, a new month started with the sighting of the moon on the 29th of every month.

If the moon is not sighted on 29th, then the month will be completed in 30 days. Consequently, if the moon is sighted this evening, Muslims can be celebrating Eid tomorrow on this 25 May.

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In most parts of India, Muslims will look for the crescent moon tonight that will determine the date of Eid or Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations in India. The 29th day of Ramadan, which is today, is known as Chand Raat when Muslims all over the world look for the crescent moon. The sighting of the moon will also mark the end of Ramadan and beginning of Shawwal month. If the moon is not sighted on 29th, that month completes 30 days. Hence, if the moon is sighted this evening, Muslims in India will celebrate Eid tomorrow on June 5. If not sighted, Ramadan month will complete 30 days and Muslims will celebrate Eid on May 25

If the moon will not sight, then the Ramadan month will complete 30 days and all Muslims will rejoice Eid on this 24th May.

Eid celebration could start in the 2 different dates because Muslims in some parts of the nation start their fasting for Ramadan month one day post a majority number of the Muslims stay fast.

Muslims in some parts of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar started their fasting for Ramadan from this 23rd May, because the moon was not sighted there on the 24 May.

Though, Muslims in remaining parts of the nation witnessed the moon on this 22th May and started fasting for Ramadan from the last 24 May.

For that reason, if the moon will be seen in each part of the nation, those who started their fasting from the last will have to keep an extra fast eventually.

If the moon will not appear in their states, they will observe Chand Raat on this 24th of May. Eid is one of the two biggest and famous festivals celebrated by all Islamic people globally.

Muslims offer a special prayer in open areas like fields, community centers, etc. or at mosques in order to rejoice the most famous carnival, Eid.

According to reports, the crescent moon has not been sighted in India today. This certainly means that Eid will be celebrated on Saturday.

Important updates about Chand Raat or Eid in India

in Kerala, Eid is likely to be celebrated day after tomorrow. Because of the geographical location of the coastal state, the lunar moon will be seen in the state a day before the rest of India.

The crescent for Eid-ul-Fitr, mark conclusion of the fasting and sacred month of Ramzan, on Sunday, the moon will be visible in Hyderabad, only with the aid of optical instruments, like, telescopes and powerful binoculars.

This year, the moon is expected to be seen on this 23th May, and for nations, like, west of the International Date Line – like the countries in far eastern Asia – the beautiful moon sighting will likely to take place on the 25th May, as per EarthSky.org.

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