Enchong Dee Cyber Libel Case Enchong Dee Warrant Of Arrest Details Explained

Enchong Dee Cyber Libel Case Enchong Dee Warrant Of Arrest Details Explained A piece of news is circulating on all the internet and collected all the attention of the internet users towards the news which is that the popular and veteran actor of the Philipino entertainment industry named Enchong Dee is gaining the headlines and comes in the spotlight and the reason behind him appearing in the headlines is not any movie or any shows but he is in the headlines for some wrong reasons and he is facing criminal charges. The Philipino entertainment industry actor is one of the most popular and established actors who collected a huge fanbase and popularity with his acting and dialogue delivery skills and the fans are just crazy for him and his criminal and arrest news comes with a huge shock to all of them. Now, the people are criticizing him and everyone wants to grasp all the information and details about that what actually happened with the actor and why he is facing criminal charges and arrest by the police officers. Be with us for all the information and details about the actor.

Enchong Dee Warrant Of Arrest

Enchong Dee Warrant Of Arrest

Talking about the actor then Enchong Dee is a Filipino actor, model, and swimmer who was born on 5th November 1988 in Naga, Camarines Sur, Philippines and he is an agreement artist for the Star Magic of ABS-CBN. He comes in the limelight after comes in his first major drama named Katorse in the year 2003 and he was also starred in Ina, Kapatid, Anak along with Muling Buksan Ang Puso, he is too recognised as the younger brother of AJ Dee who is also an actor and model and in the year 2006, he debuts with his first television appearance in Homeboy which is a Philippine talk show.

According to our sources, DUMPER Representative named Claudine Bautista-Lim filed a complaint on Enchong Dee and he is the actor who alleged a negative tweet that was destroying her character really and the individuals of the Philippines vs Ernest Lorenzo Velasquez Dee, likewise, called Enchong Dee was latter registered before Davo Occidental’s RTC. Accordingly, on 25th January 2022, a contract of detention was registered on the star in Criminal Case No. 03(2022) in relation to Libel (RPC Art 353) in rel. to 355 of the RPC in other rel. to Sec 4(c) (4) and (6) of RA No 10175.

The arrest warrant has been released on 26th January 2022 and the police officers had proceeded to the actor’s address on a document in Cubao to administer the contract of detention on Dee. However, the star was not available at the house and they noted that the address of the actor was that of a boarding house which is purchased by the actor but he was not present there. The police officers are finding the actor to aid him with the warrant. Stay tuned with us for more information about the issue.

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