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American Horror Story Season 10 Delayed For A Year Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Hollywood writer John Murphy has revealed that the shooting of the American Horror Story season 10 can mark some changes including in theme of the series because of the current situation of coronavirus in the entire world. As we all are aware that Murphy has disclosed the trailer for cast announcement since then people are speculating the theme of season 10. If we talk about the most excepting theme, it revolves around aquatic horror. In the first teaser, we could see the fascinating location of a coastal New England town. As Murphy has announced that this show is weather dependent and the production work was stopped and supposed to start again in May but due to the current situation it cannot be started it is the need of the hour. It doesn’t mean that the viewers will not get the chance to watch it would be released.

American Horror Story Season 10 Release Date

Not only Hollywood even all the film industries are going through the same problem that emerged by the COVID-19 outbreak. Coronavirus has affected the entire world badly around 213 countries and territories have been affected by the coronavirus disease in the impact of this it has been announced pandemic by the World Health Organisation. America has become the most suffered country and Italy, Spain, and France are also following the sequence. This is the reason all the most affected countries have announced the lockdown and urging people to stay home and safe, to go outside can be the dangerous thing.

American Horror Story Season 10 Story & Cast

Murphy said in an interview ” Nobody has buzzed him off and nodded their head vertically and said that he has planned to push shooting forward and till the day everyone is on standstill. He honestly doesn’t know much but says it is an excellent project to work on and knows that every member of the cast is trying to be the part of it. Ryan Murphy always has a bundle of horror stories in his pocket.

As we have told you that season 10 is weather depending and deciding to shoot in May”, but speculations are also there that season 10 and 11 can be committed or postpones for the next year until the situation doesn’t get improve. Season 10 is including Sarah Paulson, Billie Lourd, Asina Porter, Finn Wittrock, Even Peters, Lily Rabe, Macaulay Culkin, and more. So guys, what do you think Horror Story 10 would take over a year or it can be swapped with season 11 give your views and what do you want, let us know in the comment section. Stay tuned to get the latest updates.

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