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Bigg Boss 10 Updates: BB10 House Swami Om Refuses To Leave The House

Bigg Boss 10 Updates: BB10 House Swami Om Refuses To Leave The House :- Swami Om stirs up the storm, protests to leave the house, Bigg Boss 10 candidate Swami Om was tossed out of the house taking after his nauseating demonstration of peeing on co hopefuls Bani Judge and Rohan Mehra. Nonetheless, as per a report by Zee News, Swami Om mixes a tempest and declines to go out.

In Thursday’s scene of Big Boss 10, a captaincy errand was presented which required Bani J and Om Swami go up against each other.

The undertaking includes challengers to harm the pyramid (made up of small-scale pieces) of the contender that they don’t bolster by tossing balls at it. The pyramid of every hopeful conveys his/her photograph on top.

The competitors are required to secure the pyramids and the one with the most extreme number of pieces staying in place wins the challenge.

As the challenge starts, Om Swami understands that the housemates are against him and his pyramid scrambles everywhere. Thus, he recuses himself from the assignment.

This soon transforms into a battle amongst Swami and rest of the competitors. The grouping of occasions turns filthy as Om Swami tosses his pee on Bani and Rohan that mixes up a tempest inside the house. The competitors ask for Bigg Boss to put Om Swami in jail and toss him out of the house. Be that as it may, the willful Swami declines to go out.