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Cruel Summer Watch Online On Amazon Prime Video Release Date Cast Crew Trailer & Plot

Finally, the wait is over and the most anticipated and much-awaited television series is ready to premiere on the OTT platform and ready to provide the viewers with an attractive and eye-catching storyline and concept which surely grabs all the attention of the viewer to watch it to the fullest. The tremendous and outstanding television series named Cruel Summer is alls et to stream on the OTT platform named Amazon Prime Video Originals and surely it will give the viewers a full dose of entertainment and fun with its thrilling and interesting storyline and concept. The trailer of the television series to premiere on the OTT platform is released on the official youtube channel of the platform and earned lots of amazing and incredible response from the viewers and also the viewers are willing to watch the series because of the hype of the series which is increasing day by day and surely it rules the heart of the audience.

Cruel Summer Watch Online On Amazon Prime Video Release Date Cast Crew & Plot

Cruel Summer Release Date on OTT

This television series is an American teen drama thriller television series which is created by Bert V. Royal and produced by Nicole Colombie under the banner of Entertainment One and Iron Ocean Productions. The series cinematography is done by Damián García, Jayson Crothers and Allan Westbrook and the first season of the series contain a total of 10 episode carrying different names and all the episode of the series comes with around 45 minutes of play. Now, the Cruel Summer is all set to release on the OTT platform named Amazon Prime Video Originals India on 6th August 2021, Friday.

Cruel Summer Storyline

Cruel Summer is reviving around the storyline of the era of the 1990s and this troy rotates around the story of a famous teenage girl who goes lost and an apparently unrelated girl converts from a smooth and gentle loner to the most attractive girl in the city, ultimately growing America’s most hated person. When Kate is recovered live, she accuses Jeanette of observing her seizure but losing to describe it, getting Jeanette the usually hated personality in America. As the terrible tale begins, all struggles to choose views among many actions and destroyed relationships and friendships with families.

Cruel Summer Star Cast:

  • Olivia Holt in and as Kate Wallis
  • Chiara Aurelia in and as Jeanette Turner
  • Froy Gutierrez in and as Jamie Henson
  • Harley Quinn Smith in and as Mallory Higgins
  • Brooklyn Sudano in and as Angela Prescott

Now, the good and interesting news is that the tremendous series will stream on the OTT platform very soon to provide the viewers with an amazing and outstanding storyline and content which surely loved by them. So, don’t forget to witness the series on 6th August 2021, Friday on Amazon Prime Video Originals India, till then stay tuned with us.

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