Dane Plus 5

Dance Plus 5 Voting Missed Call Numbers: How to Vote Online For (D+5) Through Hotstar

Dance Plus 5 Contestants Online Public Voting Details, DP5 SMS Missed Call Number: Dance+ Plus 5 Contestants can get online voting from the viewers and their fans. As per the reports, the people are once again will be eligible for the voting via Missed Call Number, DP5 SMS, and online voting. The show is moved on towards the 5th season and the people are surely going to love this new one. It is one of the most awaited dance shows in India. You all can get all the benefits of Dance Plus Season 5 down here. Dance Plus 5 Winner Name

#Dp5 Dance Plus 5 Voting Online

You must know that Remo is once again will be the judge of the show. The people used to vote in 4 ways like Missed Call or Using Twitter or Using Hike Messages but this time, he gave us a missed call option only. You can only give a missed call to your favorite contestant after his/her performance on this show. You must be aware that only missed calls will be eligible for voting. You can’t vote in any other way for the Dance Plus 5. Indian Idol 11 Voting

We are going to share the latest Dance Plus 5 Contestants names and you can check their name list with their team names and can vote on the number given with them. Follow the details to Vote and Support your favorite Solo, Duo and Group Dancer Contestants/Crew in Remo D’Souza’s Dance Plus 5 Show. You must know that the show is already being praised by the viewers and everybody is quite in love with it.

Dance Plus 5 Voting Missed Call Numbers 2020

Here we have the List of Dance+5 Top 10 Contestants Names List with the Teams Name and Voting Missed Call Numbers of each. Follow the details to Vote and Support your favorite Solo, Duo and Group Dancer Contestants/Crew in Remo D’Souza’s Dance Plus 5 Show.
Contestant Name Voting Numbers Team
Rupesh Bane 1800-120-888807 Team Dharmesh
Nritya Kala Kendra 1800-120-888809 Team Dharmesh
The Ace Dance Crew 1800-120-888803 Team Suresh Mukund
Monark Trivedi 1800-120-888804 Team Suresh Mukund
Tron Brothers 1800-120-888802 Team Suresh Mukund
Sanchita and Subarto 1800-120-888801 Team Punit Pathak
Janam 1800-120-888806 Team Punit Pathak
Bhim Bahadur 1800-120-888810 Team Punit Pathak
Rupesh and Deepika 1800-120-888808 Team Karishma Chavan
CandyBots 1800-120-888805 Team Karishma Chavan

You must know that there are going to be 4 teams in this show. You all can check the Dance Plus, 5 2020 Full Team, and Contestants, on the team below-

  • Team Dharmesh Yelande – Vote For Rupesh Bane, Nritya Kala Kendra
  • Team Karishma Chavan – Vote For Rupesh and Deepika, CandyBots
  • Team Punit Pathak – Vote For Sanchita and Subarto, Janam, Bhim Bahadur
  • Team Suresh Mukund – Vote for The Ace Dance Crew, Monark Trivedi, Tron Brothers

Top 4 Contestants and their Voting Details Season 5

Dance Plus 5 Voting Online: How to Vote for your favorite contestant this week?

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  • Sanchita-Subrata
  • Deepika Rupesh
  • Rupesh Bane
  • Janam

Anyone can vote easily for Dance Plus 5 Voting 2020 for your favorite contestants. You just need to follow these simple steps.
• You just need to give miss call on Toll- Free Number.
• Dial toll – free number from your Mobile with voting Code.
• Choose Your favorite contestant and Dial this number with Contestant code.
• Through this way your vote will be confirmed.

Dance Plus 5 Voting Hotstar App | Vote Online

The Audience can vote by online method. So guys if you want to do Dance Plus 5 Voting 2019through online method by using Smartphone/Laptop. This is also a simple process. To vote for Dance Plus 4 participants Check detailed information.
 You Have to Visit this Page.
 Now You are directed to the official website.
 Log in through Facebook account/Google Account.
 Now you will see all participants with the photograph.
 Choose Your favorite one.
 And Click one Vote.
 Congratulation!! Your Vote is Submitted.

Voting start time – Saturday 08:00 PM, Sunday 12:00 AM, Monday 12:00 AM
Voting end time – Monday 11:59 PM, Tuesday 11:59 PM, Wednesday 09:00 AM
No. of votes per Voting Period per login – 10

Dance Plus 5 Latest Voting Count

**Below is the latest voting result shared by Star Plus on Instagram (Thursday 20 Feb 2020)

In the end, we are pretty sure that you all will be eligible for the online voting via this above-given method. All, you need to do is pick up your phone and save the number or you can bookmark this page to see the number in the future. All, you need to do is call in the above-mentioned number and your work will be finished. The show Dance Plus 5 will surely be going to bring a lot of great talent this year once again. The show is going to be lit and we are waiting for it.

Just vote for your favorite contestant and take them to the top of the list every week. This will also help to get India’s next Dance Plus topper. Stay tuned for further updates only with Dekh News.

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