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De Dhakka 2 5th / 6th Day Box Office Collection Film Hit or Flop Income Budget Kamai Vasool

De Dhakka 2 Movie First Day Box Office Collection: According to the reports, the De Dhakka 2 movie had a total box office collection of gross 0.4 crores in the entire world. Most of the box office collection of the movie De Dhakka 2 had come from India, and from the other place, it was very less than expected. However, there are chances that the total box office collection may also be higher than it is being revealed by the media house, and it is only because the authorities of the movie De Dhakkah 2 have not revealed their 4th and 5th days’ box office collection.

de dhakka 2 box office collection

De Dhakka 2 Movie Second Day Box Office Collection: There are sources that reveal that the De Dhakka 2 movie got to earn a box office collection gross of 0.61 crores from the entire world. As of the first-day collection of the movie, even on the second day of the movie, it earned most of its box office collection from India only.

De Dhakka 2 Box Office Collection

De Dhakka 2 Movie Total Box Office Collection:As it is already mentioned above that the movie has earned a total gross of more than 1.88 crores in the entire world. However, the total box office collection of the movie De Dhakka 2 is not even a bit close to the budget of the movie, but it has managed to be hit in the theatres.

Know more about the movie De Dhakka 2

De Dhakka 2 is a Marathi film that has been produced by Tabrez Patel and Karmika Tondon. This movie is the second part of the super hit movie De Dhakka which was released in the year 2008. Later, the second part of the movie De Dhakka 2 was announced in the year 2022 and got released on the 5th of August 2022. The main role of the movie was played by Makarand Anaspure along with the other supportive actors in the movie. The story of the movie is about a businessman whose name is Mr. Makarand Jadhav. He belongs to Mumbai, and lives in London. Mr. Makarand’s family goes to London to meet him. But the family of Mr. Makarand gets involved in a financial scheme, and the members of the family get into the trap of the Pakistani mafia. Somehow, the members of the family come out. Later, they plan to visit on an adventure trip. In the entire movie, we get to see about the problems of the family, and how they all overcome their problems.

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