Hotel Portofino Season 2 Release Date & Star Cast, Storyline, Runtime and Countdown, Spoilers

Britbox and ITV didn’t expect earlier about this sensation with the series Hotel Portofino! The web series was ordered to earn as much traction as some of the weighty hitters of British productions such as Downton Abbey. With only 6 episodes of this series launched earlier this year 2022, the production went on to become quite a blockbuster, and fans eagerly await another season in the midst of Mussolini’s rise to the Italian hotel and its tenants. This is so much excitement for the fans of this series as the creators of this series confirmed that season 2 is going to release soon on a specific OTT platform and the fans are so curious to know. If you want to know the release date, on which OTT platform this series is going to release, and other details, then stay connected to this article and keep reading it, we will try to update you on everything you want to know about it.

Hotel Portofino Season 2

This amazing web series is going to release in early 2023 as per the report, although there is no confirmation of the actual date of its release. And we talk about its OTT platform where it will going to be released then, this web series will release on PBS Masterpiece, DirecTV Streaming, BritBox, and iTV. Not only this, but if you want to buy the episode of this movie, then you can buy it from Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, The Microsoft Store, and Vudu Fandango. It means you have so many options to watch it, where you want.

Hotel Portofino Season 2 Release Date

Here is the cast of this series:

  •  Natascha McElhone plays Bella Ainsworth
  •  Lucy Akhurst plays Julia Drummond-Ward
  •  Louisa Binder plays Constance March
  •  Oliver Dench plays Lucian Ainsworth
  • Signor Vincenzo Danioni plays Pasquale Esposito
  • Elizabeth Carling plays Betty Scanlon
  •  Gianluca Bruzzone plays Rocco Fasano
  • Claude Scott-Mitchell plays Rose Drummond-Ward.
  •  Daniele Pecci plays Count Carlo Albani
  •  Imogen King plays Melissa de Vere
  • Olivia Morris plays Alice Mays-Smith
  • Lili Frazer plays Claudine Pascal
  • Louis Healy plays Billy Scanlon

So, now you can assume how amazing the second season of Hotel Portofino is going after seeing the cast. If you haven’t watched the first season, then you should watch it if you want to enjoy this second season. A lot of people on the various social networking sites are showing their curiosity about this show by postings posts and there are so many searches on the internet regarding this web series which made it the headlines on the internet. We hope this information or content was helpful for you and if you want more updates and information regarding this article, then stay connected to us here.

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