Kannada Movie ‘Ikkat’ Review Release Date Watch On Amazon Prime Video Star Cast And Plot

One of the much-awaited movies of Kannada, “Ikkat” is finally making its digital release and at the same time is all set to offer the audience, reliving the moment of anxiousness, kindness, confusion, total madness and a hell lot of fun. Well, what makes this movie different from others is its unique storyline which is based on the time when the country witnessed its first-ever 21 days lockdown because of the ongoing pandemic. So, are we all set to relive those moments again with a couple who are on the verge of divorce, but are forced by the circumstance, or more precisely forced by the lockdown to stay together?

Kannada Movie 'Ikkat'

The movie, “Ikkat” is directed under the direction of ace filmmakers Esham Khan and Haseen Khan as well as written and edited by them. Moreover, it is produced under the production banner of Pawan Kumar Studios and Rocket Science Entertainment. This film is regarded as the first in the Kannada film industry that is based on the Wuhan virus pandemic and is all set to make its release on the biggest Over the top platform of Amazon Prime.

Ikkat Movie Plot

The plot of the movie revolves around a couple who are on the edge of divorce. Their usual day starts with bickering over trifle matters and at one point they made up their mind to divorce each other, however, life played a game with them, as they were forced to live with each other for another 21 days because of the ongoing virus and lockdown. Moreover, with the entry of a nasty and awful guest, their life became a walking joke. However, on the positive side, they understood the importance of each other in their lives and at the same time worked together in those critical 21 days.

Ikkat Movie Cast

  • Nagabushana N S is in the role of Vasu, a middle-class husband
  • Bhoomi Shetty is in the role of Janhavi, a sharp-tongued and spirited wife
  • Sundar Veena is in the role of nasty guest
  • RJ Vikki
  • Anand Ninasam
  • Naveen Chethana

Ikkat Movie Trailer, OTT Platform & Release Date

On 13th July 2021, the official trailer of the movie, “Ikkat” was released on the youtube channel of Amazon Prime Video India and to date, the trailer has garnered more than 1.7 million views and 7.4k likes. Also, the viewers are appreciating the lead roles of the movie, especially Nagabushana for his awesome comedy timings and at the same time are praising Bhoomi. This is the first movie of Bhoomi, and despite that, she has triumphantly managed to grab the attention of the viewers with her great acting skills. The movie is all set to release on Amazon Prime on 21st July 2021, that is, on Wednesday. Stay tuned with us.

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