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Law School Episode 14 Release Date Spoilers Review Cast Crew Watch Online & Preview

If you are a fan of the Korean Drama Tv series, then you must give it a try to this spectacular and popular Tv series of South Korea, “Law School”. The series has been receiving a stupendous response from the fans as well as from the critics and it is not only loved by the native Korean speakers but is also extremely liked by the audience from all around the world. Korean dramas are known for their amazing and unique content and always amuse and thrill the audience with the brand new concept. As of now, 13 episodes have been released by the maker snd the fans are looking forward to the upcoming episode.

Law School Episode 14

The genre of the series is Legal drama and is created under the creation of JTBC while the credit for writing the absolutely amazing storyline goes to Seo In. The Tv series is directed under the direction of Kim Seok-Yoon and is produced by Kim Seok-Yoon and Choi Sai-rack along with executive producer, Kim Ji-youn in association with Studio Phoenix, JTBC Studios and Gonggamdong House. JTBC and Netflix are the official distributors while the series airs on the official network of JTBC and also on Netflix.

Law School Episode 14: Release Date

The creators have already revealed that there will be a total of 16 episodes and with each passing episode, the Tv series is getting more mysterious and thrilling and at the same time, a lot of things is going to unveil in the upcoming episodes. As of now, a total of 13 episodes has been released by the creators and the fans are keenly waiting for the “Law School Episode 14”. The running time of each episode is approximately 1 hour. Episode 14 is all set to release on 2nd June 2021, that is, on Wednesday at 9:00 PM (KST)/ 8:00 AM (EST).

Law School Episode 14: Spoilers

When Professor Yang Jong-Hoon was accused of murdering Professor Seo, then the first-year law school students Kang Sol and Hang Joon-Hwi along with Professor Kim Eun-sook start collecting evidence in order to prove the innocence of Professor Yang. In the previous episode, we saw that the murderer of Professor Seo tried to kill Professor Yang, however, the killer was caught red-handed by Joon and Yang. Later, he was handed over to the police.

On further investigation, the killer tried to justify the act of killing Professor and also accepts that he has killed Professor Seo. Also, we saw that Seo Ji- Ho is extremely close to finding the truth behind his father’s case. However, the biggest question is whether Professor Seo is killed by Lee-Man Ho or the real culprit is still lurking behind. As per the investigation of Professor Yang, it seems like Assemblyman Ko is behind the case, however, he still not sure. A lot of things is going to take place in the upcoming episode. We will keep you updated, till then, stay tuned with us.

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