MasterChef India Season 6

MasterChef India 6 Semi-Finale 23rd February 2020 Full Episode Updates: Who Will Be in Top 3 Contestants?

MasterChef India 6 Semi-Finale 23rd February 2020 Full Episode Updates: Who Will Be in Top 3 Contestants?: The Masterchef India season 6 is near to finale and the Race to the finale is starts now also, our contestants are ready to book their seats in the finale and for this, they have to win tonight’s task. So, here we will give you all updates and top highlights about tonight’s episode and we’re sure you all get so much excited to see it. As you all know that Race to Finale is starts now and judges come with a semi-Finale task where they all have to prove their self and get the seat in Finalists but for this, they all have to use their brain because the Judges Vineet Bhatia and Ranveer Brar come with an interesting method. Masterchef India 6 Winner Name

MasterChef India 6 Semi-Finale Updates

The judges said to contestants that in this task you have to get earn the ingredients but by solving riddles. We will give you a riddle and if you know that then you have to press the button very fast and if your answer will correct then we will add Ingredients in your plate but if another contestant answered riddle before you then we will give them one ingredient.

So, the task is quite interesting and to reach the final episode they all have to solve the riddles faster and if they can’t do it then it will be dangerous for them.

Tonight you all will see that Natasha solve every riddle and she have the most ingredients on the other side ondrilla get fewer ingredients because she can’t solve the riddle faster.

So, tonight you all will see an amazing semi-Final episode of MasterChef India season 6 where tonight you all will get the Finalist of Masterchef India 6? So, next week you all will see the grand finale of the show where our contestants make their last dish and by that, they will be the winner of Masterchef India season 6 winners?

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