Naagin Season 5 Written Updates

Naagin 4 23rd February 2020 Written Full Tonight Episode Updates Video Highlights

Naagin 4 23rd February 2020 Written Full Tonight Episode Updates Video Highlights: The Naagin: Bhagya Ka Zehreela Khel is going so amazing and in the recent episode of the show you all will see that Parekh house celebrates Dev-Brinda’s Reception party where Vish transforms her Look into Brinda and invite her Ex-faience Rajat. Dev gets so much disturbed to see Rajat on his Reception party and asks him who gives him an Invitation? Then Rajat said Brinda invited him to this party.

On the other side of the show, Brinda is trying so hard to find her mother Manyata and to get the truth from Harsh, Parsh, Rohan, and Hardik she makes the water of Drakshara and after dink it, they will tell him Truth. When Brinda makes Dharkshara and going to the reception party suddenly Dev comes there and gets angry with her but Brinda can’t get anything and said what she does?

Then Dev said you invite Rajat here this is our Reception party and if you will not forget him? Then why you get married to me? But Brinda said he will forget about Rajat and she doesn’t know that he is here.

After this, Dev thinks that Brinda makes a drink for Rajat but Dev snatches Dharkshara from Brinda and drinks it, Brinda gets so much tensed but to test Dharshara she will ask some question to Dev and Dev said that he loves her.

Then Dev Forcefully takes Brinda in hall and dance with her but Brinda makes a drink for everyone and spoils it by Dharshara after that Harsh, Parsh, Rohan and Hardik drink it and Brinda Follows them.

After all this Brinda transforms her look into Naagin and trying to ask boys about her Mother Manyata but suddenly Dev comes there and sees her in Naagin’s look. Then Vish comes and he will help Brinda to clean the mess and said now they will not remember anything about your Naagin look.

So, tonight you all will see an amazing episode of Naagin 4 where Vish is trying to get close to Dev and after killing him she will get the Naagmani but for this, she has to gain Dev’s trust. So, the show comes with more surprises where you all will see that Dev and Brinda get far away from each other and Vish gets a place of Brinda? Is Brinda find her Mother Manyata? You all see this tonight till then stay tuned with us and scroll sour page more.

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