Naagin Season 5 Written Updates

Naagin 5 26th September Latest Episode Written Update Twist Spoiler Alert

The latest and important update of your famous and popular supernatural magical serial show is here, this show is loved by the audience and they give it a positive response. We are talking bout Ekta’s Kapoor spiritual show “Naagin 5”, the creators know that all the audience are getting bored with the typical Saas Bhau serial so, apart from them Ekta Kappor bring this show with a completely different storyline and gives us a unique content which is also loved by the viewers. This show runs from a very long time and after the ending of Naagin 4, now the Naagin franchise brings the spectacular and tremendous fifth season with a totally different story. For the latest written updates of today’s episode, read the whole article.

naagin 5

The stunning role of Naagin is done by none other than our beautiful and gorgeous actress Surbhi Chandna and the role of Naag is done by dashing actor Mohit Sehgal. The dangerous role of Cheel is done by the spectacular actor Sharad Malhotra. The trio is killing the show with their brilliant skills and with their huge fan base. The main character or figure of Aadi Naagin was done by Heena Khan who also launched the season with her talent and she came in the show with the higher demand of the viewers.

As we have seen in the previous episode that Bani was tucked in the trap but she tried hard and manages to free her from the trap and after that, she c0omes to the party with the ambition to kill his brother. Veer sees her with the weapon by which she going to kill his brother, Veer stopped her and ask her why she did this. Suddenly, a strange woman with the getup of Peacock women comes there.

In today’s episode of the supernatural show, we going to see that Bani makes a plan to defeat Cheel and she thinks that if the Cheel body will be kept in the bright sunlight then surely it will get die and gets free from the life. Veer again stops her and asks her why she did this, she ignores him. The peacock woman brings an arrow and give it to Shukla and tells him that these arrows surely takes the Adi Naagin powers. On other hand, Jai is hiding behind the tree and he makes his mind that he gets killed the Adi Naagin hands. For more updates about this follow Dekhnews and stay tuned with us.

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