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Dice Media ‘Operation MBBS’ Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Story, & Where to Watch All Episodes Online?

We all have at least a friend who is desirous to become the doctor and starts the 5 years string journey in MBBS to achieve the aim they decided to. The life of the medical student is entirely filled with academic stress and pressure, but this series presents the fun, madness, and enjoyment that everybody enjoys in college life. We have seen many serials that turn around the Doctors that is entirely a far cry from the original life, for example, Sanjivni, Dill ill Gaye. Dice Media will show how students come from different parts of the country and standard and try to find their aim to become a Doctor. It will showcase the life of the three students who struggle to their life to start studying in the top colleges.

Operation MBBS Season 2 Release Date

We talk about the three students who are different from others in their own way. The story revolves around Huma, Sakshi, and Nishant have different reasons to join the career of Health & Medicine but get together in the same institute of medical. The first episode has been titled Infection in that episode we got to know about the characters. Nishant is a jolly boy. The motive behind joining the medical is, stay away from his family. Huma’s story is different from Nishant, her story is full of trouble and struggle. If we talk about Sakshi, she is from a joint family who wants to become a doctor to fulfill her family’s dream.

Operation MBBS Season 2 Cast, Story & Plot

There may be some episodes where you would find the same loneliness that you had at the time of your college. You will be able to enjoy the time where you just have to travel the journey of study and fun. According to the makers, you will be able to find more in the second season and things will get a little bigger to enjoy. There are many moments that will tickle your bones.

Operation MBBS tells the story of three students of the first year of medical with the name Nishant, Huma and Sakshi who aims to join one of the best MBBS colleges of the country to become a doctor. Nishant is the son of the doctor from Bulandshahr, agrees to his father’s dream to become a doctor even though he is not aiming to become the doctor. while Huma is quite an ambitious girl from a wealthy family who is grown up by a signal mother.

How to Watch Operation MBBS’ Season 2 All Episodes Online?

The series flashes the light on youngsters’ life how they are forced to follow their parent’s ambitions. There have been shown that everyone has a different kinds of problems in their life while they belong to different families and towns. The series shows the beautiful stories with the entertainment dose. The second season has not been announced by the makers of the series but it would be announced soon. Stay tuned to get the latest updates.


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