Prema Pipasi Box Office Collection Total Daywise Worldwide Earning Report Till Now

Telugu movie “Prema Pipasi” is released today at the box office. The film is doing great business but people are avoiding the film due to the coronavirus fear. Still, the movie is doing good as it is surviving the wave at the box office.  People who are coming out to watch this one are impressed with the acting work in the movie. It is a good project and we are expecting that it will impress a lot of viewers. You can enjoy this recent release at the box office.

Prema Pipasi Total Box Office Collection

Prema Pipasi is a romantic movie which is directed by Murali Ramaswamy. The movie is produced by P.S. Ramakrishna (RK). The movie is featuring GPS and Kapilakshi Malhotra in the main leading roles. The music in the movie is composed by RS. It is a cool movie to watch out at the box office and the screenplay work is awesome in the movie.

Telugu Movie Prema Pipasi Box Office Collection

The movie has earned around 1.50 Cr from the very first day of release. The movie has made around 1.80 Cr from the very second day of release.  We are pretty sure that you all are going to love this new release.  The movie is promising and the screenplay work is superb in the movie. Prema Pipasi is a good Telugu film to watch out at the box office.

Prema Pipasi is about a frustrated man whose journey begins with the search for true love. Something that is holy and pure. The relationships that unfold in his journey of love are the things to watch out for. Each relationship opens up a new dimension that was never seen & expressed before. Amidst all the drama, romance, comedy & thrill, will he finally get the love he is looking for?

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