Sandalwood Highest Grossing Movies 2020 Box office collection Report & Verdict

Kannada Box office collection reports of all the latest movies for the year 2019 and 2020 are being updated daily. You will find here Kannada movie first day, first week, lifetime Collection with their budget, profit and Box Office verdict hit or flop. However, the Kannada movies have created the splash at the box office. Most of the 2020’s movies have collected the highest amount among all Kannada movies. Dekh News is presenting the list of the Kannada Movies which have got the great amount’s collection at the box office, and also know about the Budget and Verdict that the movies are Hit or Flop. Give your significant attention to the list which is given below.

Sandalwood Box Office Collection 2020

Kannada cinema, also known as Sandalwood, is the segment of Indian Cinema dedicated to the production of motion pictures in the Kannada Movies widely spoken in the state of Karnataka. The 1934 film Sati Sulochna directed by Y.V Rao was the first talkie film in the Kannada language. It was also the first film starring Subbaiah Naidu and was the first motion picture screened in the erstwhile Mysore Kingdom The film was produced by Chamanlal Doonganji, who in 1932 founded South India Movietone in Bengaluru.

As per the reports which are to be believed that The state government has proposed mini digital cinema halls at public places like bus stands, railway stations and shopping malls in a bid to promote low-cost Kannada movies. The government intends to roll this out as a public-private partnership (PPP) project.
Bengaluru is the center for the Kannada Cinema films produced in the Kannada language. It is sometimes known by the nickname “Sandalwood”. However, the movies have placed themselves into the hearts of the people.

Kannada Box Office Collection 2020, Budget and Verdict Hit or Flop
Movie Name Release Date Worldwide Gross Budget Verdict (Hit or Flop)
Popcorn Monkey Tiger 21 Feb  2.7  – None
Gadinaadu 24 Jan  0.04  1 None
Sri Bharatha Baahubali 17 Jan  2.65  – None
Jandhan 17 Jan  0.04  1 None
Gudumana Avanthara 17 Jan  0.04  1 None
Rajeeva 3 Jan  0.8  5 None
Veshadhari 3 Jan  0.04  1 None

Having read the entire list of movies it is going to be concluded that Popcorn Monkey Tiger has marked to be a splendid movie among all movies. If it comes to that the movie has collected 2.7 crores. As you all have read the entire list of movies and this list brings forward that Veshadhari, Gadinaadu, and Jandhan have got less collection than other movies. These movies have got 0.04 crores collection at the box office.

As per the information sections in the Kannada film industry are unsure about the practicality of the idea as a slew of concomitant regulations are outdated. The idea of digital mini theatres will work only if the regulations keep pace with the changes, and align with the emerging business models.

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