Solo Leveling Chapter 163 Spoiler Leak Review Release Date Ending!

Another weekly release is taking place in our beloved action and fantasy digital comic named, “Solo Leveling” and fans are looking forward to this much-awaited chapter for a long time. Well, for those who love reading fantasy and action genre novels and comic books, then this comic could be your perfect fit. Another fun fact about this web novel is that it is a South Korean digital novel, originally written by Chugong. It was primarily serialised in the webcomic platform of Kakao and later, the same was placed at the monetized content platform, Kakaopage.

Solo Leveling Chapter 163

Solo Leveling Chapter 163 Spoiler

With the passage of time, the comic got immensely popular across the globe and therefore, many publishers including D&C Media also took interest in it and decided to offer the same to the readers under the fiction label named, “Papyrus.” Later the same was also licensed by Webnovel for the English readers and as of now, the novel has garnered 2.4 million readers only on Kakao Page. Redice Studio aka Dubu is the illustrator of this famous novel and as of now, there are a total of 4 volumes. The fans of this digital novel are excitingly waiting for “Solo Leveling Chapter 163”.

Solo Leveling Chapter 163 Spoiler

In the previous episode of “Solo Leveling,” we saw that Ashborn places a proposal in front of Jin-Woo, in which, the latter can live in this world and be a god. He will be able to do anything he wants. He will be pleased by other, as he will the master. However, Jin-Woo looked indifferent in this offer. On the other, he says that he wants to live in reality rather than being in a dreamy world. Shadow Monarch states that he has been watching Woo for an extremely long time.

In the last, we saw that the two of them have become one meaning that Jin-Woo is none other but Ashborn. In Chapter 163, the Emissaries has been announced as the Seven Rulers, while Ashbron has become the ninth as well as the final Monarch. At this moment, the Dragon and Shadow Monarchs obtained matchless powers and enormous armies, resulting in Beast and Demon Monarchs disappoint their side and meet the Rulers.

Ashborn is unbeatable as he is the owner of the immense and lethal powers. In one single smash, Beast Monarch went flying, while for Dragon Monarch, Ashborn has other plans. Shadow Monarch on the other side has lost most of the power and still have some rulers surrounding him. How will Ashton survive and what will be the aftermath of this fight.

Solo Leveling Chapter 163 Release Date

The expected release date of the weekly release of Solo Leveling, that is, Chapter 163, is 8th August 2021, Wednesday at 12:00 AM (KST). However, this release date has not been confirmed by D&C as of now. We will keep you updated till then stay tuned with us.

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