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Stealth Walker Episode 15 Spoiler Promo Review Release Date Time On YouKu

Apart from K-dramas, Chinese Dramas or C-dramas are also getting immense popularity among the viewers, the reason being the same, which is just like Korean dramas, the Chinese television series are quite versatile. Most of the dramas of China are filled with suspense, thriller and not to mention involves romance, mystery, action and adventure. The plot of these series are also quite unique and different from the basic set of stories displayed on the television screens these days, and thus, it is one of the primary reason as to why the C-dramas are also gaining so much acclaim among the audience across the world.

Stealth Walker Episode 15

In this context, a popular romance crime drama Chinese television series, “Stealth Walker (2021)” has also become the number 1 choice of the viewers not only in China but also among the global audience. The series originally airs on the original network of YouKu Network and is directed under the direction of Shen Rong, another prominent director of China. As of now, a total of 14 episodes have been released for the viewers, after which the fans are desperately waiting to know what will be about to happen in the upcoming episode of “Stealth Walker (2021) Episode 15”. Before diving at the spoiler, let’s take a quick look at the plot of this series.

Stealth Walker (2021) Plot

The plot of the TV series, “Stealth Walker (2021)” revolves around a female cop named, “Lin Qiang” and the son of Drug Mafia. Qiang had gone on an undercover mission, however, on her way to collect evidence against the Drug dealer, who once killed her parents, Qiang meets and falls in love with a guy, Zhang Xian He, who is none other than but the son of Drug Lord.

Although at first, falling in love with Xian-He was a trap set by Qiang, but she herself became the prey here and fell in love with him for real. Qiang is stuck between her ethics and love. Will she chose her mission over love or will there be another way round.

Stealth Walker (2021) Episode 15 Spoiler & Release Date

In the coming episode, Ling Qiang (played by Lin Peng) receives a piece of big information about Feng Lin meeting Dingding. Tracking both of them would lead Qiang to the workshop. Chu Jiao Jiao (played by Vanessa Cai) reveals the real identity of Zhang Xian-He (played by Zheng Ye Cheng) in front of Qiang, which also means, she knows about Qiang’s secret too.

Xian-He and Qiang have hidden at the latter place so that they could capture both Dingding and Feng Lina, however, Tiger was one way ahead of Qiang and Xian-He. The episode is reported to will end where Cheng Jin Song (played by Li Zi Feng) will be asked by Jiao Jiao to reveal the real identity of Ling Qiang to the man of Tiger.

“Stealth Walker (2021) Episode 15” will be releasing on 24th August 2021 at 6:00 PM (CST) on the YouKu network. Meanwhile, the international viewers can watch the same on Viki as well as on the official youtube channel of YouKu. Stay tuned with us, for more written updates on the same.

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