Sword Art Online Season 4 Anime watch Online All Episodes Streaming App & Channel Name

“Sword Art Online” is one of the famous Japanese Anime TV series and is extremely loved by fans from all over the world. The series is originally based on a light novel having the same name and is written by Reki Kawahara while it is illustrated by abec. The first season of the anime series aired on 8th July 2012 while season 2 aired on 5th July 2014. Thereafter, Season 3 of the same was released by the makers on 7th October 2018 on the original network of Tokyo MX. It’s been almost 3 years and the fans are waiting for “Sword Art Online Season 4”.

Sword Art Online Season 4

The genre of the series is Adventure and science fiction. All the previous season are directed under the direction of Tomohiko Ito and is produced by Shinichiro Kashiwada and Kazuma Miki in association with A-1 Pictures. The series is licenced by Aniplex of America, Muse Communication, Manga Entertainment, and Madman Entertainment. Yuki Kajiura has given the music in the series. The latest season of the same aired on the original network of Tokoyo MX, At-X and GTV and also aired on the English network of Adult Swim.

The plot of the Anime series, “Sword Art Online” revolves around Kirito aka Kazuto and other players who buy a virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORP) game. However, after the character login into the game, they find themselves being stuck in the game and the only way they can come out from the game is by finishing all the 100 levels in the game. So, this basically takes, Kirito and others on a fun, adventurous and dangerous journey.

Sword Art Online Season 4: Expected Release Date

All the previous seasons of the Anime series was a massive hit and received immense applause and appreciation from the fans as well as from the critics. The last season took almost four years to make its appearance on the screen and now, the fans are enthusiastically waiting for the “Sword Art Online Season 4”. However, as of now, the makers of the series has not made any official announcement regarding the fourth sequel of the series.

Also, there are a total of 25 volumes of this series, and most of which is covered in the first three seasons, therefore, the creators do not have much content for the series and also the creator of the series, Reki Kawahara has already announced that he has left the one final arc studio. However, the A-1 Pictures have announced that they would like to complete the whole “Sword Art Online” series. You can watch all the previous season of the same online on Hulu and Crunchyroll. We will keep you updated, till then, stay tuned with us.

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