Verna Total Box Office Collection Day Wise Worldwide Earning Income Report

Verna Total Box Office Collection Day Wise Worldwide Earning Income Report: -On the last Friday, the much awaited and anticipated Pakistani film Verna released and this movie is touted as any big Pakistani movies of all time which hit theatres worldwide in the maximum number of the screen counts. Due to Verna is a biggest Pakistani released of all time so the film obviously attracted a huge mass fan base and the film which is touted as a social drama is also talk of the town literally.

Verna Box Office Collection

The film “Verna” created a bang on the Pakistani box office and it is also well received in the overseas market also. Reportedly, the film Verna received good responses and massive feedback from the fans and the film is also having good numbers of a score at the box office too.

The various reports further focus that in the coming days the film Verna which features Mahira Khan is the lead role going to earn more bucks as in spite of this one is a women-oriented film, subject matter of the film is get connected with mass and class.

The main crux of the film Verna is to display that ‘Rape is a rampant issue’, after the success of ‘Khuda Ke Liye’ and ‘Bol’ filmmaker Shoaib Mansoor come with this film titled ‘Verna’ for Lollywood.

‘Verna’ is penned by Shoaib Mansoor, who also directed the film and bankrolled is also done by him.

Verna Total Box Office Collection

After it’s released on the last Friday the movie Verna collected a total amount of Rs. 1.00 Crore on the 1st day at the Pakistani box office.

On its second day, the Mahira Khan’s social drama made a collection of Rs. 1.20 Crore approximately. It seems like audiences are heavily impressed with the movie as from last Friday it is having the good reaction.

The film is well acclaimed by the critics and also it received positive reviews and feedback from them so in the coming days it is expected Verna is going to earn more cash at the film box office.

With the *WOM and positive mouth publicity, Verna is seemed like going to make the total collection of Rs.3.70 Crore approximately.

Though it is a controversial film, and the main crux or story of the film is about a married couple, played by Aami’s (Haroon Shahid) and Sara (Mahira Khan) who decided to fight for their lives when they faced some extraordinary challenges in a challenging situation.

How the couple is going to deal with this situation is the ultimate point and crux of the film Verna with a spin-chill thrilling climax.