Watch Netflix K-Drama TV Series Hellbound Online: Check Release Date Review Spoiler & Star Cast

Another drama, fantasy television Korean series named, “Hellbound” is soon appearing on the biggest video streaming platform to thrill and entertain the k-drama fans. It is an original creation of Netflix and surely has the power to amuse the audience to the core with its spectacular storyline that will run a chill down your spine. It contains supernatural elements in it which is why the audience can expect so much more from it. Also, this series will be making its world premiere at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival in September, thus becoming the first K-drama to make it to the festival.

Hellbound Release Date

The upcoming Korean drama series, “Hellbound” is originally based on the famous webcomic with the same name and has been in fact written by Yeon-San-ho who is also directing this series. The Netflix original series is written by Choi-Kyu-sok and produced under the production banner of Climax Studio. Meanwhile, the principal cinematography is done by Byun Bong-sun. The series will consist of a total of 6 episodes and will be released in the Korean language. This series is all set to make its premiere at the Toronto International Film festival in September 2021, followed by Netflix.

Hellbound TV Series Plot

The plot of the Korean television series, “Hellbound” is extremely intriguing as it has a fantasy drama genre and contains supernatural elements. The tale began in a world and is about supernatural angles, emerging out of blue to doom the humans of the earth to hell. The series will also follow the journey of a cult leader, named, “Jeong Jin-soo” who also happens to be the head of the emerging religion ‘New Truth Society’, followed by a detective named “Yang Ik-June”, Broadcasting station PD, “Bae Young-Jae”, his wife, Song So-hyun and others.

Hellbound TV Series Cast

The TV series, “Hellbound” will feature, Yoo Ah-in the role of Jeong Jin-soo, while Park Sang-hoo will be seen portraying the role of young Jin-soo. Other than that, Park Jung-min will be seen in the role of Bae Young-jae, while, Won ji-ah will portray the role of Song So-hyun, the wife of Yong-jae. Kim Hyun-joo and Yang Ik-june will portray the role of attorney Min Hye-jin and detective Yang Ik-june. Apart from these main casts, the viewers will get to see Kim Do-yoon, Ryu Kyung-soo and Lee Re in the supporting role.

Hellbound TV Series

This time Yeon Sang ho is the writer as well as the director of the forthcoming television series, “Hellbound”, who was previously the writer of the TV series, “The Cursed”. Sang-ho has multiple super-duper hit short films as well as features films too in his account. The television series will be making its world premiere at the 2021 Toronto International film festival in the Primetime program in September 2021, followed by Netflix. So tuned with us, for more latest updates on the same.

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