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Watch Van Helsing Season 5 Episode 3: Release Date Spoilers Preview Full Star Cast Details

Currently, a new TV series, named, “Van Helsing Season 5” has aired on the original network Syfy. The show premiered its fifth and final season on 16th April 2021 and to date, only two episodes have been released by makers and the fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the third episode. The first four sequels of the series got an incredible response from the fans and there is no doubt about it that the fifth and last season is even more exciting, thrilling and adventurous than the previous seasons. The series is originally based on the graphic novel named, Helsing. The genre of the series is fantasy, horror drama and science fiction.

Van Helsing Season 5 Episode 3

The credit of creating this phenomenal series goes to Neil LaBute and is directed by David Winning and is produced under the banner of Echo Lake Entertainment, Nomadic Pictures and Dynamic Televisions and is produced by Chris Rudolph and Paris on the official network of Syfy. The first episode of season 5 titled, “Past Tense” aired on 16th April 2021, while the second episode titled, “Old Friends” aired on 23rd April 2021. The fans have patiently waiting for the third episode, which is all set to air on 30th April 2021 at 10:00 PM(ET)/ 9:00 PM (CT) on Syfy.

The plot of the series revolves around the character of Vanessa Van Helsing played by Kelly Overton. Helsing found herself on a post-apocalyptic earth, after waking from the unconsciousness and however, this time, she has a distinctive composition of blood that allows her to convert vampires into a human. However, because of this, she becomes the ultimate target of all the vampires.

Van Helsing Season 5: Episode 3 Spoiler

The title of Episode 3 is “Lumina Intunecata.” In the previous episode, we saw that Countess Olivia aka the Dark One played by Tricia Helfer was injured by Jacqueline aka Jack Van Helsing. However, Jack was not aware of whether the body of Olivia is in possession of Dark one or not, but now it is too late to regret it. While, after all this chaos it is for sure that Michaela played by Heather Doerksen is definitely going to make the life of Jack miserable.

In the coming episode, we will see Jack ganging up with Bathory aka The Oracle played by Jesse Stanley in order to defeat the ruler of Vampire, ‘Dark One’, however, the question is whether, Jack should trust Olivia, as she is one of the maids of honour of Olivia. The coming episode is going to be extremely thrilling and exciting and it will be interesting to witness how the two are going to get rid of the Dark One. The “Van Helsing Season 5 Episode 3” will air on the Syfy at 10:00 PM(ET)/ 9:00 PM (CT) on 30th April 2021. We will keep you updated, till then, stay tuned with us.

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