What if ? Episode 2 Review Watch Online Why Gamora Missing From Ep 2 Reason Explained!

One of the most popular and trending animated television series that earns amazing responses from the viewer just with the concept and the plot of the series which attracts the viewers a lot and they made the series the most-watched and incredible series of all time. The tremendous and amazing American animated anthology series named What If..? is streaming on the most famous Digital platform named Disney+. The series telecasted its two amazing episodes and all the two episodes gasp incredible responses from the viewers and now, everyone waiting for the third episode of the series to grasp the upcoming plot of the series amidst this one question from the second episode of the series is collecting lots of headlines. Everyone wants to get the answer to this question which is questioned much time after the relating of the second season of the series.

What if ? Episode 2 Review Watch Online Why Gamora Missing From Ep 2

The What If…? television series is the freshest appearance on the screens and this series is quite different and unique from the past series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the second episode of the series, there are several cameos such as Drax, Howard and Nebula but the cameo which attracts the viewers a lot is the missing of Gamora. All the viewers are willing to know that why was Gamora missing on the episode and for this, they flooded the comments of the posts for getting the reason. The 2nd Episode of What If…? was released on 18th August 2021 carrying the title of What If… T’Challa Became a Star-Lord.

The second episode of the series focused T’Challa who is popularly known as Black Panther, in the episode the viewers witnessed that T’Challa travelling with the Ravagers and travels the very various outcomes that happen in the matches of Drax, Nebula, and Thanos. In the episode, Gamora was missing because Thanos probably never embraced her as his child. As we know that, Gamora’s universe was struck by Thanos along with her parents got killed and Gamora was trained and adopted by Mad Titan for making her an elite killer.

In the series, Thanos was never capable to meet his genocidal project as he was apparently spoken out of it by T’Challa and so never struck Gamora’s universe, Zen-Whoberi by which, Gamora apparently turned up to have a common and calm life with her family. That’s the reason Gamora was missing from the episode and now, the third episode of the series is on its way to release and entertain the viewers. So don’t forget to witness the upcoming episode of the series to grasp the upcoming plot of the series.

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