Explosion at Gurudwara in Essen (Germany) 3 People Injured in this Incident

Explosion at Gurudwara in Essen (Germany) 3 People Injured in this Incident :- As reports coming from Berlin 3 people have injured in Gurudwara in explosion. The incident happened in western city of Assen. Around 7 pm this incident takes place in Gurudwara but their are no suspect or anything that can indicate that it was any terrorist attack.


The incident happen during a wedding in Gurudwara. The team of Police came their after the incident. Ambulance were called their for the injured person to take them to the hospital

Indian Consulate Gen on his way to Essen to visit Gurudwara Nanaksar, meet injured & discuss situation with Police.

As reports 3 people have been injured in this explosion in which, A 60 year old person suffered serious injury and the rest of two have minor injuries. As a police spokes man said that this explosion is deliberately means it is not accidental.

As some witnesses said that a man with a dark clothes and with the mask had seen their and then he fled away in his car. A part of wedding party were taking place before of this incident and after the incident the police arrested three people and it is suspected that those three men were in that black SUV car

Finally the External affairs ministry spokes person twitted that he heard about the explosion incident in Gurudwara and he will follow up to the local authorities to the ground situation.

These types of incidents happened in foreign countries with the peoples who are from other country they mainly attacked at their worship places and to the another places to indicate that they should not do these to their country.

Well its just suspect the true report will come out after the proper investigation.