Arson Attack: Mother Of Two Fatoumatta Hydara Died After Her Children Killed In Blaze

Arson Attack: Mother Of Two Fatoumatta Hydara Died After Her Children Killed In Blaze:- On Tuesday, the 22nd of November, 2022, a mother from the United Kingdom lost her life just two days after the demise of her own daughters in the fire. According to the reports, the name of the woman is Fatoumatta Hydara. She was at the age of 28. Fatoumatta Hydara was from Clifton, Nottinghamshire, in the East Midlands, Nottingham. She died after two days when a big fire broke into her building. It is now being said that someone had planned to make Fatoumatta Hydara kill in the way she died. However, the police have been investigating the matter from all aspects of the case.

Arson Attack Mother Of Two Fatoumatta Hydara Died After Her Children Killed In Blaze

Mother Of Two Fatoumatta Hydara Died

On Sunday, 20th of November, a big fire broke out in a flat at 03:17 a.m. in the building where Fatoumatta Hydara lived along with her family members. Later, the fire extinguisher and the police were called for help as the locals were not able to save the whole family.
After the incident took place, Fatoumatta Hydara was taken to the nearest hospital in critical condition. She was put on the life support system of the Queen’s Medical Center. After almost a gap of 2 years, Fatoumatta Hydara died in the hospital. Fatoumatta Hydara was around the age of 28. According to the reports, Fatoumatta Hydara died just two days after her children had lost their lives.

What Have The Police Said About The Demise Of Fatoumatta Hydara?

The police have shared with the sources that they have kept the high-visibility patrols closed for the next some days so that they would be able to reassure the locals of the area of the accident. It is really very shocking for the community. They are thankful to every individual who has been patient and understanding during the time when they have been trying to be in search of the evidence of the scene. The police have said that they are even thankful to those who have come forward and are helping them to be in the search for the core of the idea of putting the building of Fatoumatta Hydara on fire and making the entire family members die.

The police have requested that if there would be anyone who would have any kind of information related to the demise of Fatoumatta Hydara, then they can come forward and help the police to find the core of the idea of who finished almost a family.

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